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[. . .] Certification Requirements

The nurses require some capabilities and competencies to get a nursing job in a registered institute. The nurses require having different certifications to prove their knowledge, skills and capabilities. These certifications are requirements of state as well as the country. Some of these certifications include following:

Associate of Applied Science

Acute Care Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified

Adult Nurse Practitioner-Board Certified

Advanced Public Health Nurse-Board Certified

Bachelor of Nursing

Certified Nurse Midwife

Graduate Nurse

Holistic Nurse, Certified

Orthopaedic Nurse Certified

There are different requirements of each state. Some require specialty and some require general credentials. However, all the states require at least graduation in nursing to be able to work in a hospital.

Targeted Nursing Organization

While graduating, every student targets some organizations and dreams to work with at least one of them. Being a nurse student getting education and planning to settle in the state of New Jersey, I target The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. The organization is considered largest philanthropic organization that offers nursing and health care facilities. The foundation pursues the objectives of maintaining health of all the Americans. Since mu objectives match those of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, I would like to work with the foundation. The population of the organization is about 300 employees. The organization's operations involve millions of dollars and have a vast scope.

Leadership attributes of the Advanced Practice Role

Like any other professional in the contemporary world, the nurses are also required to have leadership traits. The nurses are required to show dedication and vision. The nurse educators and the nurse administrators specially need to serve population. There is a specific set of nursing knowledge and skills. The nurse practitioner should be able to make independent decisions (Willard, 2007). Such a decision is backed by the responsibility and sense of accountability.

Leadership style

While every leader is required to offer direction to the followers, each leader differs from the other in is style. I have a participative Leadership style. This style is characterized by democratic attitude where the leader interacts with the team members and asks them for their opinion before coming to the final conclusion. In such a style, the leader normally decides on the basis of popular vote. The participative leadership style balances the authority and delegation of authority. Thus, neither the leader decides on all the health care issues herself nor does she leave it all on the team members. Rather the main role of the leading nurse here is to offer and create an environment that promotes cooperation among the nurses in the team.

Leadership attributes

The leaders in nursing industry need to be very quick in decision making and understanding the situation. A nurse is required to have attributes of stability, emotional intelligence, communication skills, empathy, vision and coordination. While I feel myself to have all the other attributes, I often get emotionally stressed and cannot respond correctly to emotionally tough situations. The emotional intelligence is something that allows a nurse to make better decisions and select wise options in emergency situations (Hamric, Spross, and Hanson, 2008). Emotional intelligence can be achieved by understanding personal and professional weaknesses. I work to achieve the emotional intelligence by closely observing situation and my response. Every time I am in a new situation, I try to hold my response until the right time and not to hurry because quick emotional responses might not be correct. However, once I am emotionally intelligent at my profession, I will be making better decisions even fast.

Attaining and evaluating emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence can be gained by a number of methods. A person should be first aware of self. This self-awareness helps find our lacking points. The person after recognizing emotions can try to make them positive. Then I can work of self-management. This means to control reactive responses and not to lose patience. A person needs to take positive initiatives to control emotions. I must also learn to be socially-aware since it is not enough only to know self. Knowing the dynamics of society is also important. I would finally learn social management so that my responses are in best interest of the environment.

Health Policy and the Advanced Practice Role

The health policy at The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is made to maintain a nursing environment that offers quality services backed by research and experience. The policies of the foundation claim to achieve health of the population particularly women and children. These policies offer guidance to the society at large and ask the nurse practitioners, educators and administrators to work on the aspects of nursing knowledge, awareness and education. The policy of the foundation also focuses to develop healthy behaviors not only in the nursing staff and members but also in the patients. Foundation believes that the activity of the children is directly affected by a healthy neighborhood. Thus the policy guides streets as well schools on how to become healthier. Policy makers ensure that the quality of food sold in neighborhood is good and that physical activity of children is increased in the educational institutes. The women in home are also advised to adopt active lifestyles. The nurses are guided in this perspective to help the women and school staff. The policy guides to dedicate proper time and budget to maintainice of health.

What needs to change?

The policy of the foundation puts all the emphasis on the health of women and children. The elders' age is also of great importance. The elders are often least active thus they not only put extra and unhealthy amount of weight but often get other health issues like diabetes and blood pressure issues. This segment of population should also be a prime focus of the foundation's policies. Then the working class that is normally in service industry that does not actively move around should also be the target of awareness programs so that they may involve in healthy activities to maintain their health. It is suggested that the foundation conducts survey on the population and ask them what they expect from the organization. In this way, the foundation will be able to make a more responsive and effective policy.

Justify conclusions

The focus of foundation should be on the working class because if this class does not focus on its health, the overall productivity of the economy will go down. The working class is normally young and adults. Their majority of time is spent sitting on a desk working on files or computers and they can hardly fid time to maintain health and meet doctors. This class works to maximize wealth but not the health. Therefore, changes in the policy to address the health issues of this class will make the organization more effective.

Change Suggested

Healthcare policy making is a process that involves veterans from various different sectors of life. These are doctors, nurses, organizational administrators, financers, educators, legal authorities, patient care foundations and many more. These all work together to ensure that the policy is effective, humanistic, economically well planned and visionary. Therefore, the foundation can involve people from these professional areas to collaborate and offer suggestions on what to make the part of the policy. It is possible to have a better policy than the existing one if the foundation seeks feedback from different professionals. It will offer insight to different problems that are currently not dealt with like the health of working adult class.

Process of Change

The process of change management is critical yet important. There are always many hurdles in the way of change yet facing and overcoming them is important as well as urgent. The health care system and polices require changes that can start from evaluation of the existing processes. The process is discussed and outlined below:

Finding gaps: The foundation can survey on the gaps in the policy and processes. This can be done by involving nurses, doctors, patients, administrators, advisors, legal bodies and organizations.

Suggesting changes: On the basis of the recommendations from specialists, the foundation can suggest changes to the management. These changes should be practical and implementable as well as effective.

Introducing change: The employees should be brief what are gaps in system and how they will be filled. Taking employees on the board will reduce the resistance that is faced otherwise.

Implementing Changes: With the help of management and nurse administrators, the changes can be introduced in the system. The new policy should be implemented replacing the old immediately since both the policies cannot work together.

Evaluation: The foundation should evaluate if new policy is working or not. If the new policy is effective, it should be followed throughout with higher speed. Else it can be changed or withdrawn.

Leading Change in Policy

Leading change requires much more motivation that leading in routine situations. The leader in the health care setting where policy is changed to become more effective should be far more dynamic and be able to communicate… [END OF PREVIEW]

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