Nursing and Theoretical Knowledge of Healthcare System Case Study

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The federal government also monitors the provision of health care services to ensure their relevance, accessibility, and affordability to its consumers (Johns, 1991).

Medicare is one of the universal health care schemes that are funded using public means in Australia. The funds gather for services that are interrelated to the primary health care. On the other hand, private health insurance refers to a system of private covering of the Australian population to provide them for high-quality care in the Australian public and privately owned hospitals. Aged care refers to health care delivery system developed by the Australian government to ensure quality care provision for the aged in Australia. The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme is a scheme adopted by the government (Australian) to ensure that the citizens are provided drugs with a subsidized price (Gupta, 2007).

Question 6

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I should not accept an assignment or rely on the patients to provide me with explanations on ways of using the devices. Accepting to work as told by the nurse will be a violation of the medical ethics of practice. According to nurses' code of ethics, nurses should provide quality healthcare services to the patients without harming them. Therefore, accepting the assignment will be breaching the standards of practice since I will not be providing quality care to the patients, thereby, predisposing them to unnecessary harm. Instead of accepting, I should consider the aspects provided by the DMG A4 nursing summary guide 2010. The summary provides insights into strategies considered effective in responding to challenging situations that require critical thinking and sound decision-making.

TOPIC: Case Study on Nursing Case Study and Theoretical Knowledge of Healthcare System Assignment

Some of the facets that should be taken into consideration in this situation, include professional boundaries, competency standards, and guidelines for professional practice. Therefore, the best action I will do in this case is declining the assignment. The scope of practice for the enrolled nurses include executing their responsibilities under the guidance of a registered nurse, performing a nursing assessment, strengthening teamwork in healthcare provision, and being accountable for their actions and decisions related to the care of the patients (Frank, 2000).

Question 7

One of the strategies for promoting community health is developing personal skills of the community members. Developing skills is an effective strategy as it contributes to sustainability and effective adoption of the desired organizational program. The strategy also empowers the community members to adopt the desired lifestyles that contribute positively to their well-being. The second strategy for ensuring health promotion is re-orienting the health services provided to the clients. Reorienting focuses on creating services that shift the focus of health care provision from illness to wellness. In addition, the strategy will ensure the adoption of preventive strategies rather than treatment of illnesses approach, therefore, promoting the health of the citizens (DiClemente, Crosby, & Kegler, 2002).

Question 8

I will acquire information related to employment opportunities from the internet. The internet provides a platform where different organizations post their vacancies to the global populations to see and apply for them. The interview process is a process that is made up various steps. The stages are divided into the pre-interview stage, interview, and post-interview stage. The pre-interview stage is also referred to as the preparatory stage. The interviewers determine the method of research they will employ when choosing effective candidates to fill the identified positions. The interviewers also determine the set of questions and variables to test during the interviewing process. The interviewing phase is the time when actual interviewing takes place. Each of the interviewers asks questions to the interviewees in turns to acquire relevant information related to their experience. Post-interviewing stage involves deciding on the successful candidates for the position, communicating the results, and providing further directives to the successful candidates (Brown & Stenner, 2009).


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Wimo, A., Gustafsson, L., & Mattson, B. (1992). Predictive Validity of Factors Influencing the Institutionalization of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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