Nursing Is Changing. Recent Healthcare Essay

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I witnessed this fact firsthand during my own pregnancy, an arduous ordeal that left me bedridden for the duration of the three trimesters. I have rarely been in the position in which I have had to depend on the help of others for an extended period of time. However, it was my nurse practitioner, not my obstetrician, who continually worked with me to aid in the successful delivery of my daughter. She was instrumental in exemplifying the role of nurse practitioners, who are charged with not only determining a course of action to assist a patient, but also with partnering them in a way so that they deal with the individual vicissitudes that accompany most treatments. I felt very fortunate to have a nurse practitioner to assist me in overcoming a difficult pregnancy, and was inspired to attempt to aid others with their treatment by becoming one of these professionals.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Nursing Is Changing. Recent Healthcare Assignment

Therefore, I am extremely excited to pursue the remaining two years of my studies, especially since they focus on varying aspects of the care of a nurse practitioner. I have dedicated my life to helping people: in addition to having worked as a pharmaceutical sales consultant I also perform volunteer work raising funds for a non-profit organization and working with people at a homeless shelter. I truly believe the best way I can have the most meaningful, direct impact on people's lives is as a family nurse practitioner. This position would allow me to reach a wide range of people with varying treatment needs, and suitably prepare me for forming a partnership with them that allows a holistic form of healing that encompasses the physical, mental and spiritual -- the type of care…
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