Nursing Community Assessment Research Paper

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5 and 0.9% respectively. However, the rate of Campylobacteriosis and Girdyasis is higher as comparatively. The region also found high number of cases of Chlamydia and Lead Poisoning in past years.

78% of the people in Astoria between the ages of 18 to 64 have health insurance and access to primary care provider. However the rest of the 42% are uninsured. This high percentage of uninsured residents of Astoria cannot access the primary care provider usually because of the reason that they were not born in northwest Queens. This is one of the major causes of death in Astoria. Moreover, every fifth person does not evaluate its health appropriately. They consider themselves healthy even if they are suffering from health problems.

Though, the death rate is almost constant since few years but it is expected that it may increase in future. Since, the rate of immigrants is still increasing and it means more and more people will not be able to access the primary care provider easily.

(homefacts, 2010)

Policies for Healthier Astoria

In order to prevent the future health risks and improve the current health profiles it is important that the nursing homes develop plans and train their nurses so that they can make people well aware of the risks and precautions. This is definitely going to decrease the premature death rate. Some of the basic precautions that every person has to take are as follows:

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First of all, it is important to have a regular doctor.

Secondly, avoid tobacco so that to be safe from asthma diseases.

Get a complete checkup after every few months so that to ensure the health of your heart and other organs.

Get your cancer and HIV status checked from time to time.

Avoid drugs and alcohol

Keep your home clean and healthy

Deliver a healthy baby by taking a proper care during pregnancy

Research Paper on Nursing Community Assessment it Is Assignment

People having regular checkup from their primary care provider are less likely to suffer from cancer and AIDS since the disease is caught just in the initial stages or care provider suggest them vaccines to be safe.

There are about 10,000 people in New York who experience deaths because of smoking so it is very important to make people aware of this dangerous act. Even the smoking during pregnancy may affect the weight of the new born. It is the kind of diseases that is preventable and patients can get rid of this problem just with their strong will power.

Cardiovascular diseases are also very common in Astoria. In fact, the rate of heart diseases among the Astoria habitants has been increased by 10%. So, in order to level down this cause of death, nursing homes need to program awareness among people about the diet and exercises. What they should avoid and what they can take in for healthy levels of cholesterol and blood pressure. They must emphasize on regular exercises as well as about 42% of the adults in Astoria don't exercise. It is for this reason that 8% of adults are already suffering from diabetes.

Currently the Astoria is facing the highest rate of HIV patients than any other city in country. This is because, people don't get regular checkup of their HIV status otherwise this disease is preventable. However, this rate is now decreasing. Similarly, cancer is preventable if diagnosed in early time.

Depression among the people of Astoria is increasing. There can be any reason like poverty, poor health outcomes, unemployment and so on. Before you go to resolve these matters, the first thing that you need to do is to visit a psychologist or any other care provider. Since, counseling helps a lot in decreasing the level of depression.

More than 1500 people in Astoria die because of alcoholism and drugs. It is not even dangerous for the body organs but it can effect in other ways too like violence, injuries and alcohol poisoning.

Let people aware of the immunizations that can help them living a better life. These are not only for the kids but the people above the age of 65 years can also get them. With these immunizations, people get less prone to heart attacks, flu, pneumonia hospitalizations and so lower risk of premature death.

Since few years the rate of domestic violence has also been increased that caused high rate of suicide attempts too. Therefore keep the home environment clean and safe for children as it may lead to suicide attempts and other issues.

Early prenatal care is very important during pregnancy, since only a little carelessness can cause a low weight of baby and disabilities. Such babies face number of health problems in the future.

(Baldwin, 1998)

How to implement health plans?

In the study, we have already identified number of health issues in Astoria but since resources are usually not enough to carry on with every plan. One has to set the priorities. So, here we also need to first consider the important issues like the cancer and HIV. For this purpose, nursing homes need to start the campaigns that would visit the colleges and Universities so that to first make students aware of this serious issue.

Johnson High School of Astoria has already experienced number of cases of students sexually transmitting the disease or STD.

The pregnant women must be tested for HIV and other diseases since she can transmit the disease to the baby as well. There are numbers of vaccinations available that can help the baby be secure even if mother suffers from some chronic disease.

Maximum people should have an access to the care provider and they must be realized that it is very important to have checkup regularly. But since, there is only one nursing center in Astoria that Rehab center so it is not as easy for everyone to access it. Therefore organizations must plan to expand their centers. (Wallace, 1998)

This plan needs collaborative efforts to make it successful. The government, nursing organizations, educational institutes and the social organizations and other must join hands in fulfilling the aim to lower the level of HIV and cancer diseases in Astoria. (Rowe, 2001)


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