Nursing Course Project Milestone Capstone Project

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The involvement of pharmacological agents, peers and family have also been stressed upon. The fifth step is that of implementation of the change project. There is not enough evidence provided in the paper pertaining to the implementation of the change project. The final step is to integrate and then maintain the change project. There is not adequate evidence about the success rate of this project and how it is being integrated with other projects.


Identify the key concepts within the summary and suggest to the student what within the summary could be improved.

This journal article revolves around the role of tobacco cessation for the prevention of addictive behaviors. In this article, it has been shown that almost 60% of the people who are aged above 12 have indulged in some kind of drugs, almost always starting from tobacco. Nicotine and tobacco plays the role of a bridge between a person and his indulgence in drugs. Since cigarette smoking is a socially accepted norm, it is kind of difficult to treat people who want or have to give up smoking. The intervention for cessation of smoking that has been explained in this paper includes pharmacological method, counseling, peer and family support. It should also be noted that the specific relationship between cessation of smoking and relapse of drug abuse has not yet been established.

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Comment on the students APA formatting. Provide suggestions for improvement if needed pertaining to level headings, citations, and the reference page. Include any grammar or spelling errors.

Capstone Project on Nursing Course Project Milestone #3: Assignment

Generally, the APA formatting was up to the mark. I would suggest that the paper should have been divided into some more headings to make it more comprehensive and organized. There should have been a heading for the constraints of this project, for example. There were direct quotations in this paper; I would suggest the use of paraphrased material from the relevant resources rather than direct quotations. The references on the reference page are according to the APA format and are moderately recent, on average.

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