Nursing - Discharge Planning Essay

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A nurse is ideal for also helping the patient eat the recommended diet and help Mr. Trosack reduce his weight. The nurse could also play a principal role in making sure that he takes his medication at the appropriate time. She can also help to reduce the boredom of staying alone.

Social alienation mainly occurs because the individual has difficulties when walking, he fears lacking means of transport and thus making him remain indoors. Social alienation especially at old age leads to the person suffering from stress. It also causes stigma, low self-esteem, and rejection. The old person may also feel his services may not be required, and this causes despair in life. Many diseases are caused by this depression. The most common diseases associated with depression are coronary heart disease and other congestive heart problems. Stress is also commonly associated with heart failure and hypertension.

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Surgery is a very threatening experience and stressful. It makes one concerned about his physical condition, fear of admission to hospital worries and anticipation of the painful procedures. Psychological factor influences the physical health either directly or indirectly. Psychological factors can influence directly by changes in production of hormones. They affect directly by change of behavior affecting your health such as sleeping and eating. Stress is a psychological problem resulting from daily activities, emotions, and traumatic conditions. Stress reduces the immune system efficiency and may result to increase of the body susceptibility to diseases. It causes a reduction of the white cells, which acts as a shield to the body and helps in fighting of diseases. Stress also makes someone wear out and replaces the sensation of healthiness providing a condition for the illness to thrive.

Essay on Nursing - Discharge Planning Discharge Assignment

Another psychological factor is depression. Depression in most cases causes' heart related problems by changing how the heart circulatory system functions. It causes the heart to weaken, and this makes it possible for diseases to come up. Being less active and boredom are some causes of depression. Insomnia is also a psychological factor. Stress and depression mainly cause insomnia. Insomnia greatly impairs the body healing process. Sleeping for six to eight hours is ideal to avoid alterations in the immune system. People who sleep less than six hours injure their immune systems making them susceptible to many diseases.

Stress, insomnia, and depression play a principal role in the recovery process. Looking to these issues can play an influential role in improvement of Mr. Trosack health. Caregivers should take time and support the patient in day-to-day activities for him to feel useful. Counseling from experts can also be necessary as it can give hope to the patient, and make him realize that there is the need to appreciate what he has rather than cursing himself as a disabled person.

Hip fracture is a main health issue that happens in the United States. This study uses the baseline (1993) and data collected in 2006 in order to evaluate the aftermath of hip placement discharge. Patient discharge depends on the status code from the Medicare inpatient claim. They categorize discharge status depending on the condition of the patient. Mr. Trosack would fall for nursing facility because he would not get the required professional assistance from his family. In this study, most of the hip fracture patients went to a nursing facility.

An evaluation in this study reveals that at the time of placement, the patients had gone home for 90 days, and 180 days for patients discharged at a nursing facility. The evaluation of the care of hip placement patients needs consideration when choosing a discharge placement for them. Mr. Trosack, in addition to the surgery, is diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension, and obesity. The family, despite knowing all this, does not provide or hire a medical officer for a regular check up on him.

In order for Mr. Trosack to get well, it is crucial to refer him to a nursing facility. In this study, the home and rehabilitation discharge seems to decline while many people opt for the nursing placement, which increased. In these nursing facilities, patients are not likely to report any health issue compared to those placed at their homes. In addition, these nursing facilities offer functional needs to patients and may reduce… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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