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Owing to this, it is evident that hiring ARNPs as Case Managers will lead to positive changes in the organization.

ARPNs have prior interaction with both their colleagues, or fellow practitioners and patients. Therefore, this means that they have an understanding of what will promote job satisfaction. For instance, because of their predisposition, of having worked as nurses, they know the motivators into satisfaction. Hiring them as case managers, will give them a chance to implement the motivators they feel will lead to their colleagues' satisfaction with their profession. According to Kalisch, Lee and Rochman (2010), teamwork has a correlation to job satisfaction. The author's further define the relationship between teamwork as the RNs, LPNs, NAs and unit secretaries who work together to a group of patients. In addition, their continued interaction with patients makes them aware of their various needs.

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According to Cummings, Embleton and Thungjaroenkul (2007), the availability of APRNs and their professional skills may have substantial influence on LOS. The authors suggest that higher ratios of RNs may potentially lead to a reduction in the LOS. They further suggest that they have the capacity to identify the events or situations that lead to increased length of stay in hospital. Although they have adequate knowledge and proficiency to provide effective nursing, some of the identified issues may lack proper implementation by the management. This means that, if the hospital hires APRNs as case managers, they can use the rank to implement measures to prevent some events that lead to LOS, and significantly reduce LOS.

Business Proposal on Nursing Doctoral Business Proposal the Assignment

Although the case manager plays an important role in improving the quality of patient care, the ARPNs do most of the work. This is because they spend most of their time with the patients. The interactions make them aware of the needs of the patients, which makes them better positioned in identifying factors that can improve the quality of patient care. Draper et al. (2008) suggests that although the entire organization works towards quality improvement, the role of the nurses play a crucial role. This is because they monitor the progress of the patients and the physicians depend on their reports to administer treatment. Therefore, owing to these, I feel APRNs are well equipped to work as case managers.

This will give them power to implement strategies they identified as important in their nursing practice, which will work toward improving the quality of patients. The discharge planning process requires collaboration of various healthcare staff, healthcare providers and the patient. In such a process, the APRN plays a vital role because one knows the needs of the patient. This makes them aware of the additional follow-ups, statements, goals and various approaches, which other healthcare staff may not identify. Some of these interventions make them better leaders, and hospitals should hire them as case managers.


This study will employ a search strategy as its primary method to collect information, which is relevant to the study. Therefore, the investigator will utilize the medical databases including Cochrane, TRIP, CINAHL, Medline, National Guidelines Clearing House (NGC), PubMed Clinical Queries, Johanna Briggs and EBSCO. The investigator will use the research questions, in combination with the topic of study to identify articles, abstracts, and other materials that provide information to the study.

Future research

This proposal utilized some literature, which provided information on the topic of study, but the study leaves room for further research. The reason behind this is that the literature provided did not provide direct information in relation to APRNs working as case managers. In addition, there was no empirical study, which suggests or provided information that the study felt was entirely relevant to the present study. Therefore, the investigator will need to undertake a comprehensive research on the topic.


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