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During my course of study, I intend to familiarize myself with two areas of research that interest me the most: anesthesia and midwifery. I do not currently intend to specialize, but may later choose to do so if I feel my skills would be developed best by focusing in one of these core areas of research.

There are several important issues in contemporary nursing that affect all nurse practitioners, and ultimately all patients. The issue that has weighed most heavily on my mind lately is the relatively slow process of transitioning towards electronic medical records. I understand this is largely a regulatory and administrative issue, but as a nurse practitioner, I will also be impacted by the choices made my institution. In the future, I expect that there will be more uniformity in the use of electronic medical records. Right now, I fear that electronic medical records are not being used to their fullest potential to prevent patient error and facilitate our practice as nurses.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Admission Essay on Nursing Education Has Come a Assignment

While there are federal guidelines and new regulations related to the use of medical records, there has been much reluctance among health care practitioners to embrace information technology. Much of the resistance comes from physicians, but I have also witnessed my colleagues in nursing view electronic medical records with suspicion. Some administrators have expressed concern that they cannot make the transition to electronic medical records because they have yet to receive adequate guidance and the ability to train employees. The expense of training employees, and the time we need to take from our daily practice also merits concern. However, I think it is important to make the transition soon. I am certain that electronic medical records and their implications for health care will be addressed during the Doctor of Nursing Practice program of study, as it will become a major clinical methodology shift. Thank you for your consideration. [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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