Nursing Is a Fundamental Medical Discipline Term Paper

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Nursing is a fundamental medical discipline. Nurses have an essential role to play in society. Their activities do not only revolve on care giving to patients, but also sometimes offer counseling services. Given the stress they undergo in their work, it is imperative that their basic needs satisfied. Every medical facility has different departments, and human resource department is one of it. The human resource department's functions include recruitment, selection, compensation and retention. The department head is a human resource director other officers are; human resource supervisor, personnel officer and other assistants who ensure satisfaction of human resource needs (Potempa, Red man, & Landstrom, 2009).

Difference between Leadership and Management

Leadership and management are synonymous but different in many aspects. To see the difference between the two, we first have to understand the responsibilities related to those positions. The following are some of the differences: a manager administers tasks while a leader innovate ideas, a manager maintains the status quo where as a leader develops skills of employees, a manager transact business focusing on the system's structure of an organization while a leader focuses on people. Management tasks' bases on control and are short ranged while leadership functions inspires trust among workers. Managers are transactional leaders and leaders transformational. (Marquis, Huston, 2009).

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Term Paper on Nursing Is a Fundamental Medical Discipline. Nurses Assignment

Marquis, Huston (2009), explain the roles of a manager in a medical institution as performance of administrative duties, ensure optimum utilization of resources within the institution, ensuring that all medical staff under his jurisdiction observes medical procedures, and in establishing sound organizational procedures within the organization. Leadership in an organization is valuable. Leadership is the ability of a person to communicate and to influence others' actions. The following is some of the advantages of having leaders in an organization: a leader inspire, motivate and influence knowledge to followers, give guidance, develop strategies and solve conflicts in an organization. A point to note is that leaders may or may not have formal authority in a health institution.

Leadership Skills: Manion

Manion (2011) states that a good leader in a medical institution has excellent interpersonal skills, has a particularly high degree of emotional intelligence and is social with almost the entire work group. For tasks to run smoothly, good communication skills are a necessary component of leaders. Good communications promote relationships towards accomplishment of organizational goals. His advice to medical leaders is to enhance their interpersonal skills through training. He further explains that interpersonal skills of a leader ensure teamwork and development of people skills (Manion, 2011).

The Shadow Interview

Manion 2011 states that physicians and administrators help a lot in the decision making and planning in hospitals. Through my interaction with management in a health institution, I found out what is important in leadership and human resource management. The manager had strong communication and interpersonal skills; he interacted with the staff expertly, helping in solving minor problems in the facility. Manion also stated that a good leader has a particularly high degree of emotional intelligence and is social with almost the entire work group. I realized this was true through my interaction with the manager. He had excellent interpersonal skills and made the employees comfortable talking to him. This, therefore, enabled tasks to run smoothly. I also realized that good communications promote relationships towards accomplishment of organizational goals.

My practical skills as a caregiver were also tested, as during the routine management trips we had to lend a hand in the medical operations at the institution. This made me realize that, as a manager, it is important to offer direct aid to patients and not just leaving… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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