Nursing and Healthy Communities Essay

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Diabetes and Learning Games - The learning games could be used by either the school nurse, a science classroom teacher, or a public health nurse as a means to open up the discussion regarding diabetes. For adults, seminars at schools, churches, or as community events could use the exercise as an "ice-breaker" and introduction to the presentation.

Primary- (Sources: "Diabetes," 2010; "Diabetes Australia," 2010; "Diabetes for kids and teens," 2010; "Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation," 2010).

What is diabetes? A. A bacteria we get from food; B. A condition that happens when our body does not have enough insulin to balance the sugars; C. A type of heart disease, D. Something we get when we run too fast and our sides hurt.

Answers/Justification: A car needs fuel to give it the energy to keep working. We get our fuel from food. Food gets changed to glucose (sugar) in our gut and liver. Enzymes help this change and come from many different parts of our body. Once the food is partially broken down, it floats all over our bodies as glucose -- but it cannot be store in our cells until it gets inside our bodies' cells. Insulin is the key that lets the glucose into our cells. If there is not enough insulin, there is too much glucose traveling around the body, which makes people sick sometimes.

What are the types of diabetes: A) Type 1, B) Type 2, C) Both A and B, D) Neither A nor B

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Answer, C, both A & B. Children and young people get type 1, or juvenile diabetes, Type 2 is usually seen in adults. Yes, dogs and cats can get diabetes, too.

Can you catch diabetes from a friend? How do you get it? A) It is a virus, B) It is genetic, C) The pancreas cells are damaged, D) all the above.

Answer: D. all the above. You cannot "catch" diabetes, but if you are genetically prone, have a risky lifestyle, and eat lots of fatty sweet foods, you might contract it. About 1 in every 1000 children in Australia has diabetes.

Essay on Nursing and Healthy Communities Assignment

What problems does diabetes cause? A) Memory loss, B) excessive urination, C) feeling more tired and thirsty than usual, D) all the above.

Answers: D, all the above. Children often get weak and sleepy and aren't able to remember their lessons. A doctor can do a blood or urine test to see if the child has diabetes. Giving the patient lots of fluids and correctly the blood sugar imbalance helps the child feel much better.

Part II -- Secondary -- (Sources: "Diabetic Lifestyle," 2010; "Teens and Diabetes," 2010; "Teens and Diabetes: Alchohol, Tobacco, & Drugs," 2010; "Life with Diabetes," 2010).

What is a common symptom of diabetes in teens? A) Depression, B) Anger, C) Denial, D) All the above.

Answer -- D, all the above. It is normal to feel down, angry or ignore the issue. It will work for a little while, but eventually, the health issue will catch up and serious things can happen. The best response is to meet the disease head on, manage it, don't let it manage you!

To manage diabetes, one should eat more of what per day? A. Fruits and vegetables, B. Sugars, candy, sodas, C. It is better to fast and just drink lots of water. D. All the above.

Answer, A. Fruits, vegetables are the best at keeping one's blood sugar stable; proteins are necessary in moderation, but sugars, fats, and empty calories can complicate one's life. Salads are a great way to stay healthy, alleviate hunger, and contribute to a stable blood sugar profile.

What is the best way to "manage" diabetes while at school? A. Inform your teacher and friends about the disease and what signs to watch for, B. Have a regular dialog with the school nurse or health teacher, they will advocate for you and help with testing and injections, C. Teach your friends what to do if you need an injection or have a diabetic crisis, D. All the above.

Answer -- D, all the above. It is important that everyone around you know that you have diabetes, even if you don't want them to know. Free DVDs and brochures are available that will help them understand and be able to help you if you have a crisis and need an… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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