Nursing Home Report on Conditions Essay

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Patient asks for optional but approved medication of attendant (

Attendant goes to charge nurse's office (

Charge nurse is busy in another part of the facility (

Attendant logs on to electronic patient record, notes that she is dispensing medication, and emails this to the charge nurse (

Charge nurse is immediately notified, knows that this is within the skill set of the attendant, and continues with her current task (

Patient received medication.

Working in a long-term care facility can be seen as an arduous and thankless job for the staff. To the degree that staff can safely be given greater autonomy and responsibility, they are likely to be happier and more productive. This will not only benefit them, but will have significant positive effects on the patients as well.

waits ten minutes for charge nurse and then goes on break (

Charge nurse returns but there is no note about requested medication (

Attendant returns from break to have several urgent demands from patient and forgets request for medication (

When attendant remembers the request, charge nurse is once again busy outside of her office.


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Essay on Nursing Home Report on Conditions Assignment

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