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With the intention of providing a wider scope of health care services to a more diverse group of patients, I seek admission to the Post Masters Nurse Practitioner Program. The extensive clinical experience the program offers will perfectly supplement my current professional position, optimizing my talents and expanding my expertise within the field of psychiatric nursing. Applying nursing theory to practice, I will work within the optimal professional parameters that will promote my career goals. Those goals include both short-term and long-range plans that involve improving quality of care within my community.

The ability to work within my home community is critical for me on a personal level, as I am already knowledgeable about the local resources available. As I work in the rigorous Post Masters Nurse Practitioner Program I will be developing a more in-depth understanding of the unique needs of the community, its demographics, and its health care resources and personnel.

During the course of the program period, I hope to develop the professional contacts that will improve my ability to help community members in need. I intend to work with team members on improving quality of care and access to care. The program will help me become familiar not just with the practical daily application of nursing theory to practice; I will also become more aware of the community resources available to patients.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Essay on Nursing With the Intention of Providing a Assignment

Therefore, I will be able to provide the best possible outreach consultation and help my clients achieve optimal health within the local system. Knowing the limits and potential of that system is critical to being able to aid patients. I want to be able to help patients who may be destitute or in need of ancillary services to know how and where to apply for that aid. Similarly, I want to be able to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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