Nursing, Leadership and Management Case Term Paper

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McClinton, 2012). This is a measure to ensure that the patient takes the required drugs only and if there is any change in prescription, then it is adhered to.

5. Communicating with your staff -- Holiday scenario

The best way to communicate with the staff about the change in the manner in which they sign up for they holiday time would be through an internal memo which could be pinned on the staff only notice boards as well as sent through mail. This method would ensure the communication has an official approach as well as ensuring no one from outside the organization comes to learn of it. The email supplement will ensure each person intended for the message gets it and keeps it as a reminder incase of future referencing.

6. HIPAA and the privacy of patients' information

The case given here is a complex one since the subject of the circumstance is an employee within the medical institution. However, my analysis pints towards a violation of the HIPAA guidelines since the nurse must be treated as an independent entity when it comes to the medial records and not as a prisoner of the institution. If there was any doubt to the call details as the supervisor had suspected, the best thing was to ask the nurse to forward the evidence to support her call of absence for more than a day in advance. By the supervisor taking up the file from the E.R it means he was privy to accessing even other unintended information.

7. The nurse leader's role in financial considerationsGet full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Term Paper on Nursing, Leadership and Management Case Assignment

The nurse has a more hands on approach to healthcare than any other person within the health institution. This means they are able to advice the management on a variety of issues concerning the budgeting and procurement of hospital implements. They will advice on the products that are best for the patients and those that are effective in enabling then do their work effectively. This will save the finances of the institution in that they will avoid buying equipments that will be of no use to the institution. With sufficient mentoring and the hands on experience in using the implements, the nurses will be able to guide the management in the financial decisions that are to be made.

8. The nurse leader's role in cost reduction

In the process of cost reduction, the hospital must involve the nurse since they will guide in eliminating unnecessary purchases, they will then complementary products as well as the substitute products (hence no need to buy both), they will also advice on the duration a given quantity can help in the works, they will also ensure the re-usable implements are brought back to the cycle hence cutting down on costs immensely.

The nurses need to be fully engaged in the budgeting of the hospital, other wise they would not be held accountable if the budget and subsequent purchases go wrong. There is need to ensure the nurses are consulted on the most cost effective products that will ensure the needed work goes on, the patients are adequately taken care of but the hospital stays within the limits as required.


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