Nursing Leadership Portfolio Research Paper

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In regards to the Leadership Environmental Assessment in Grossman and Valiga (2009) from "The New Leadership Challenge" on page 188, I answered Yes to most responses. My organization supports, encourages and even expects leadership among its members.

Grossman and Valiga (2009) report that today's nursing leaders must be able to "engage in more independent decision making" as well as to "think in a multidimensional, rather than linear fashion" and "collaborate more effectively with nurse and non-nurse partners" and "provide leadership." (p.28) According to Grossman and Valiga (2009), the work of Covey (2004) provided a description of three characteristics that a leader must be in possession of if they are to be successful in their experience in learning and growing including: (1) vision; (2) courage; and (3) humility. (p. 29) This is because while having a vision is most emphatically required it also takes the courage necessary to "continue to define that vision to a group" while simultaneously being "humble enough to know when to redefine it to meet the needs of changing times and prepare for the future." (Grossman and Valiga, 2009, p. 29) Florence Nightingale was a visionary leader in the healthcare area in Indian while it was under the British rule and assisted in creating a vision for healthcare for the people of India relating to the British the problems and barriers that they faced in receiving quality healthcare. Florence Nightingale stated of her colleague, Dr. Hewlett in speaking of his focus on bringing about improvement in the conditions of living and health in India:

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"His life has been devoted, head & heart & body & soul…instructing, teaching the people…as to the causes of death & disease among them…engaging the people themselves on our side, without convincing them of what is in their own interest…his unrivalled practical knowledge…his sympathy and insight." (Nightingale, 1853-1893, testimony regarding T.G. Hewlett, October 10, 1888 in Harper, et al., 2013)

Research Paper on Nursing Leadership Portfolio Assignment

This is a prime example of the vision that is required to bring about the needed changes to respond to an ever-changing environment of health care with new problems seeking new solutions that characterizes the environment of health care provision both historically and futuristically speaking. My temperament under the Kiersey Temperament theory is that of Guardian and this means that I am the type of individual who is committed to meeting the health care provision needs of the population which I am serving. This temperament will assist me in the commitment to do just this and to ensure that the population I am serving is educated on what they can do to help themselves while I assist them in a professional and leadership role. In regards to how I perceive my role in an interdisciplinary team today and over the next five years as I complete my MSN and enter an ANP or APN role, in my current role I am enabled to recommend changes as a leader would when changes are needed in the plan care for a patient and this is various in nature including such as change in the dosage of blood pressure medication and the like. Upon obtaining my MSC and becoming and Advanced Practice Nurse, I will be able to play a larger role in leadership through primarily direct the plan care of patients and delegating more tasks. In this capacity I will work more in the area of knowledge application than in a hands-on role. According to the work entitled "The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health" published by the Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine today's nurse should be "full partners with physicians and other health professionals in redesigning health care." (p.2) This emphasizes the role that today's nursing professional will hold in the health care provision to patients and the leadership role that Advanced Practice Nurses will play in health care education and provision.


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