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One of the more pivotal theories in pedagogy holds that one cannot expect learners to understand concepts if they are not modeled by others. Similarly, within the critical educational field of nursing, encouraging critical thinking, the use of evidence-based practice, communication and dialog about subject matter, and turning into a lifelong learner that also expects this type of learning from others is a way to move beyond the abstract and showing that it is possible within a healthcare model, to use transformative teaching models to move the practice ahead while still encouraging greater communication and empathy (McAllister, 2005).

Asking pertinent questions -- Sometimes asking questions can help busy professionals (specialists or physicians) just slow down a bit to re-explain their logic -- which is both a learning and teaching role. Sometimes, asking questions provide more of a direction to a learning situation than providing answers. A nurse does not need to be in a leadership role to ask questions, or to help guide the discussion in a more formative manner that allows for not only more clarification from the leader or the speaker, but ways to push learning issues to ensure that the majority of the group is understanding and getting the required level of expertise from the event (Critical Thinking Company, 2013).

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Giving constructive clarification -- Depending on the situation, it is often an effective leadership role to give constructive clarification when performing a procedure or witnessing someone else -- more like a debrief after the event so that everyone can learn. In a similar fashion then, to critical thinking, giving constructive clarification or asking more about "what if," "how," and the relationship of the issue to specific nursing issues, the covert leader will be able to find ways to increase understanding within the group without adopting a formal, leadership role (Critical).

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Servant leadership -- Servant leadership, in brief, is a way to provide opportunities for others to succeed through allowing them making situations easier -- finding ways for others to succeed by helping to prevent previous mistakes or errors you might have made, etc. (; Clark, 2009)).


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