Term Paper: Nursing Leadership Theories

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[. . .] g. hunger, thirst), (b) safety needs (i.e., bodily safety), (c) need for love and sense of belongings (e.g. friendship) affection, (love), and (d) need for self-esteem (e.g. recognition, appreciation, self-respect) and (e) self-actualization (e.g. developing one's whole potential)." (Cherie and Gebrekida, 2005) This theory is used frequently in nursing to explain human behavior." (Cherie and Gebrekida, 2005 )

Two Factor Theories (Hertzberg's Theory of Job Satisfaction)

Hertzberg's is reported to have expanded Theory Y by "dividing the needs that affect a person's motivation to work into two sets of factors: those that affect dissatisfaction and those that affect satisfaction. The first set, called hygiene factors are those factors that meet a person's need to avoid pain, insecurity, and discomfort. If not met, the employee is dissatisfied. The second set, called motivation factors are those that meet needs to grow psychologically, when met, the employee feels satisfied. These are distinct and independent factors according to Hertzberg. Meeting hygiene needs will not increase satisfaction, and meeting motivation needs will not reduce dissatisfaction. " Hygiene factors are reported to include: (1) adequate pay; (2) appropriate supervision; (3) interpersonal relationships that are good; (4) working conditions that are safe; (5) work that is meaningful; advancement opportunities; (6) responsibility that is appropriate and (7) recognition of an adequate nature. (Cherie and Gebrekida, 2005) From this view, the role of the nurse leader is to "…ensure that both sets of needs are met, some directly and others by providing opportunities to meet them in a conducive work environment." (Cherie and Gebrekida, 2005)

Summary and Conclusion

This work has examined various theories associated with leadership theory and has explained their formulation and the application of these theories in the work environment. While the theories covered in this brief does not comprise an all inclusive list of the theories available provided is a brief overview of some of the theories that are applicable in the role of nursing… [END OF PREVIEW]

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