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With respect to the seven domains, I scored with a lot of greens in terms of demonstrating personal qualities, in particular with respect to self-awareness and managing myself. I scored lower on working with others, mainly yellow and red. This is a reflection of my preference for working independently, spending my time getting things done instead of talking with others. I know what needs to be done and I do it. With regard to managing services, I score mostly yellow. There are definitely areas here in which I can improve, in particular gathering better information before making decisions. My score with improving services is similarly mixed. I am good at things like critically evaluating and ensuring patient safety, but I am less confident in how much I facilitate transformation. I scored mainly green on setting direction -- I enjoy this process and take time to do gather knowledge, apply it well, and I understand the driver of change quite well. I score mostly green in terms of creating vision, though I admit that I seldom concern myself with the vision for the overall healthcare system. I am more yellow in terms of the delivering of strategy. I feel that I prefer the higher-level thinking compared with the lower-level, day-to-day things that drive implementation of strategy

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b. The first area for leadership development is with respect to delivering of strategy. I believe that I am fully capable of performing better in this area, in particular as it seems I mostly just get bored of the finer details and mentally move on before the implementation has been complete. I'm better at starting things than seeing them through, preferring to delegate and move on. I can do better and take more ownership over the implementation process. I definitely need work on the dealing with people side of things, as working with others is my weakest area. I'm all for listening, but feel that sometimes too much time is taken gathering feedback from everybody, no matter how little they actually have to contribute. Managing services is another area where improvement can be made -- there is a managing people aspect to this that is a weak point for me.

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Essay on Nursing Leadership Assignment

In order to improve upon these areas of weakness, it is helpful to set some goals to guide the improvement process. It is important, after all, to know where you want to be in order to set a pathway to get there. SMART goals are specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and time-based (Zahorsky, 2014). Both long-range and short-range goals are useful, the short-range helping to build towards the long-range.

The first priority domain that was identified was with respect to delivering of strategy, where my weaker areas were with respect to maintaining focus on the finer areas of implementation. Short-term operational planning is an essential part of strategy implementation, however. I will need to set a short-term goal of improving my understanding of the link between short-term actions and long-term ones (Houston, 2014). As an action step, more studies to look at short-term implementation will be undertaken, and I will specifically conceptualize the links between my daily activities on the job as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner and the overall strategic objectives of the organization. For the long-run, I will seek a position that allows me to do more in-depth implementation. A progressive career path creates opportunities to learn new skills, so I feel that I can get a better sense for strategic-level thinking by taking on new roles and projects that will demand this thinking out of me.

The second priority domain is to improve on dealing with people. I did not score well here.. A short-run objective will simply be to make some new contacts within my workspace. This will require me to undertake the action step of meeting people and establishing rapport. For the long-run, I should be able to outline how many contacts I have, who they are and what they do. I should set an objective for contacts, and then use this to evaluate my ability to engage with others. This should hopefully translate to better dealings with people overall. I should also undertake the action step of reading more about communication -- there are plenty of books and article that can provide insight into improving one's interpersonal communication skills (Walters & Fenson, 2000). It is important to focus on this domain in particular because the future of nursing is as a discipline with a high level of interdependence with other health care disciplines. This interdependence demands a new style of nursing leadership.

The third priority domain is in managing services. I would like to set a short-term goal of taking on more service management projects, as a means of boosting my skills by exposing myself to this area more, and taking more responsibilities. I feel that I have some ability in this area, but a lot of the yellows are the result of lack of experience. There is evidence to suggest that leadership skills are commonly built through service programs (Pless, Maak & Stahl, 2011). Over the long run, an objective here can be to boost my confidence through not only gaining more experience but building my communication skills, which I feel are probably the main stumbling block. The actions will be the same as for the other domains -- improvements there will result in improvements on this domain as well, because they are interconnected.


There are a number of resources that might be available to help me with my goals. For instance, I feel that mentorship within my current organization is a key means of learning some of the finer skills of management. Some of these skills require experience in particular, and that can only come from doing the job or working with people who can impart that experience. As such, I feel mentoring is a key resource. For one, mentoring helps to pass down information from one nurse to another. With things like communication skills, I have identified that there are many resources where one can work on this particular skill set, including books and websites. Thus, it is imperative that I seek out such resources to build these skills.


I feel that my current leadership skills reflect my leadership strengths, and that also means that I can use these strengths to achieve my leadership development goals. My key strengths, as I see them, are that I am an achiever, that I am competitive, that I am analytical, that I am an idea-generator and that I have a strong focus. Focus in particular is valuable, because now that I have identified these goals for myself, I can genuinely focus on the steps that I will need to take to achieve these goals. I am competitive as well, something that allows me to have the drive needed to meet objectives. As I analyze how I can achieve these leadership development goals, I will be able to pin down more specific targets, and I know from my past history that I can use these targets in order to achieve the goals, by pushing myself harder towards them.

My temperament style is as guardian. I think that perhaps in the past I have not learned to communicate as well as I could have because I have this temperament, but I can also use this as leverage to generate the ability to listen more. It is good to feel like a guardian to people, but sometimes you have to let adults be adults, and that means taking more time to learn about their needs and interests, so that you can play the guardian role a little bit better. For me, I see this temperament as something that can be used to help me develop my leadership skill set a little bit better.

Right now, my leadership style is probably a mix between leadership and management. Nursing practice is just now coming into the idea that these are not the same thing (Grossman & Valiga, 2013). I feel that in my head, I do more of management, but that I have strong potential for genuine leadership. My analytical skills are strong, and that allows me to see the big picture and set useful goals. When I get the human element straight, not only will I be able to understand about management issue like the allocation of resources, but that I will be able to focus on inspiring the people I work with as well, a key trait of a transformational leader. Many observers feel that leadership in nursing is going to emphasis a more transformational style than in the past (which was more transactional) and that to excel at transformational leadership means more than just managing, but developing more innovative thinking and high level communication (RWJF, 2011).

I believe that I can use my organization to help with my career development as well. From what I have seen, the organization supports, and even helps people to become better leader.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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