Nursing Research Paper

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Internationally, I would like to join Peace Corps and possibly work in an African country providing healthcare to its citizens. After working on a local and national scale, I feel it would be good for me to put the skills that I will have learned throughout my career to use on an international level. By doing this, I will become not only a well-rounded nurse, but a well-rounded individual as well.

Having all of these rich experiences will place me in a position to pursue a doctorate degree in nursing and share my experiences with future nurses. I want them to know that as a nurse, we have an opportunity to provide quality healthcare worldwide. The field of nursing has evolved and will continue to do so in the years to come. In order to resolve the nursing shortage, potential nurses should have a clear understanding of the history of nursing, the benefits of getting BSN and career advancement as well as future trends in nursing. Once they begin to understand all of the factors involved in making a great nurse, they can begin to have a clear understanding of how their career choice will impact the profession locally and globally.


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Research Paper on Nursing Is Not Only a Assignment

Wildman, S., & Hewiston, A. (2009). Rediscovering a history of nursing management: From Nightingale to the modern… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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