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Personal philosophy of nursing as it integrates faith to the discipline of nursing and statement of my professional goal

As a Christian, I see my faith as critically integrated to my goal of becoming a nurse anesthesiologist. While I do not believe that a nurse should ever impose his or her faith upon patients, I have always seen my deeply felt vocation of caring for the sick and wounded as one of the critical pillars of my personal creed and religious orientation. I also believe that facilitating the healing process of the currently well and able bodied to be a part of my same faith-based vocation of nursing as well. Christianity in its purest form promotes respect for the human body and soul. A Christian nurse must treat the 'whole' person, body, mind, and soul of every patient.

More than dispensing technical nursing care, I believe that a nurse anesthetist must also provide spiritual and psychological comfort and counseling to patients about to go through the surgical process. Surgery can be traumatizing, even when the surgery is necessary and sought upon the part of the patient. A nurse must be a Samaritan in the truest sense of the world -- a nurse must dispense care equally and impartially to all in need of and in desire of healing from the health care system and community.Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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TOPIC: Term Paper on Nursing Personal Philosophy of Nursing as it Assignment

Specifically, a nurse anesthetist provides a kind of bridge between consciousness and unconsciousness. In many ways, a nurse involved in the field of anesthesia is always engaged in the act of helping to create a sense of peace in the patient before the patient goes into another, temporary state of mind and being, before being made whole again. Being sensitive to the need of the patient for calm or talk is almost as critical for the nurse anesthetist as well as being technically competent in her or his work. Perhaps this is why, when looking into the history of the profession I wished to embark upon, I was not surprised to find that the first officially recorded, trained nurse anesthetist was Sister Mary Bernard, a Catholic nun who practiced in 1878 at… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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