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I worked on numerous units such as the medical, surgical, and mental health units. I also worked with an organization called PARTY (Prevent Alcohol and Risk-related Trauma in Youth) which focuses on youth between the ages of fourteen and eighteen at various high schools within the greater Toronto area (GTA) in bring awareness to the consequences of the use of drugs.

I finished at the top of my nursing program and graduated with a Cum Laude distinction as a result of my dedication, determination, hard work, discipline, and perseverance. As a registered nurse, currently working in the community, I care for various clients with different health issues. My job as a community nurse relies on making sound judgments, trusting one's gut feelings as well as relying on one's ingenuity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills. Community nursing has been very educational, and fast paced, exposing me to the realities of medicine. Whether as a nurse or as a volunteer, I try as much as possible to respect my clients and treat them as a sum of their parts, and not just a disease or situation.

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To further explore my interest in medicine, I volunteered as a Physician Assistant with Dr. Fashoranti at North Cumberland Memorial Hospital and also at Safe Care Medical where I worked with Dr. Ajisafe's. Working with Dr. Ajisafe opened my eyes to the various possibilities medicine had to offer. Despite the fact that I was an observer for the most part, I certainly had some hands-on experience using my nursing background. I was able to interact with the patients whom I came in contact with regarding their medical issues. I observed how Dr. Ajisafe respected his clients' space; he attended to them as humans but not as a disease and gave optimum care every single time. Working with Dr. Ajisafe has given me a wealth of knowledge about medicine as a career and my passion for medicine has grown much more.

Admission Essay on Nursing Personal Statement Choosing Nursing Assignment

Goucher College stands out and I have indeed chosen to apply to this remarkable institution based on its comprehensive curriculum, its small class size and more teacher-student interaction. The school also has a 99.6% success rate in getting its students into medical schools. Due to my background and my focus both in the past and for the future, as well as with regards to the above-metioned statistics, I am convinced that Goucher's program is right… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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