Nursing Philosophy Term Paper

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Nursing Philosophy


In addition to the extensive existence of ecological imperils in our neighborhood, apprehensions concerning health risks has augmented amid the common people along with the media and private-public institutions. The telemetry and medsurg nursing education presently has got to train highly-skilled healthcare nurses to avert, acknowledge, deal with, and take care of cardiac-related diseases. Major health institutions have acknowledged the requirement for enhancements in nursing-education so as to improve the attitude of nursing professionals (Burgess, 1993). Having known and acknowledged the biologic, mental, and social dissimilarities amid children, adults and ethnicities, there is a requirement for clearly explaining the aims and objectives of my career and profession. Mentioned below are a few of the nurse's underlying values, which I have developed over the course of my education and practical experience.


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As a nurse, I believe, I should be able to adjust my job performance to a range of versions of the notion of "autonomy." Nursing is all about initiating a comfortable formation of a relationship between the nurse and the client where the client feels that the relationship is helping him, followed closely by the nurse's ability to enabling the clients to make an informed decision with free will. This, I feel can only be done if I can put forward all the information required to make the decision in a manner that will be understood by the client, keeping in mind the ethnic and cultural outlooks and standards of every individual client, while also assisting the health service providers do their jobs in the insurance of the health provided to the clients. I, as a nurse, also have to keep in mind that every client, belonging to various groups in a society, on certain occasions will lean towards a group-decision instead of a completely personal decision (Christiansen, 1990).


Term Paper on Nursing Philosophy Nursing in Addition to the Assignment

As a nurse, I also should be aware of the customs and traditions of the society so that neither the client nor the society should feel insecure by the practices of the organization. As a nurse we are taught (and I agree with this notion) that not only a healthy and helpful relationship should exist between the nurse and the client but also that the nurse should be able to use his/her own personal understanding to value the point-of-views of the clients concerning the well-being aspects involving the munificence of the treatment provided; in addition, respecting, protecting and providing the clients their rights while assisting fully in whatever care procedure they choose to go along with, while also ensuring that the medical services are efficiently provided and are accepted as suitable by the clients (Christiansen, 1990).


As a nurse I always have to put my clients before myself whether it be concerning the spheres of health, efficient nursing, cultural preferences, providing the insecure clients a sense of sanctuary, giving them their due rights or when averting any sort of impairment. I, as a nurse, should also take active part in the managerial setup which guarantees an environment that is ethnically, morally, bodily, emotionally and communally harmless for customers and the peers (Christiansen, 1990).

Justice also believe that services should be provided to everyone irrespective of their physical condition, wealth capacity, cultural setting, locality or sexual direction/category. We were taught to respect and understand the clients' outlook on the treatment they want and why they think it is suitable for them. I feel that in addition to that,… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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