Nursing Practice Through Environmental Control Term Paper

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Most of the actions may be applied to all patient conditions, but based on assessments of the patient, some actions are specific to the patient's individual needs.

For example, cleanliness is a basic action for all patient conditions to prevent the spread of infection, but becomes specific based on the patient's individual capabilities. All patient conditions require for the area, the bed, and the patient to be clean. Patients who are mobile and have abilities to clean themselves only need for the bed and the area to be maintained. Patients who are bedridden, or have limited mobility, require additional assistance in keeping themselves clean or meeting needs. Total care patients require everything to be done for them, whether it is cleanliness, feeding, drinking, dressing, or even, being able to turn and reposition their body in bed.

Extra care should be taken in doing assessments with newly arrived patients. To ensure that all the information is gathered to determine the patient's actual needs, questions need to address all the patient's abilities, medical history, and the patient's habits, such as nutrition and exercise. One of the main purposes of the assessment is to determine what the patient will need to be able to perform after they discharge and go home. Questions need to be considered with this goal in mind. Environmental control goes beyond the hospital to the environment in home and community upon discharge and includes the social and psychological aspects of the environment. This helps in determining what the patient will need and what resources they have available on a day-to-day basis.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Nursing Practice Through Environmental Control Assignment

The Environmental Theory enables nurses to solve problems and assist patients in solving problems. For example, if a patient has needs without adequate resources, the nurse looks for resources available in the community the patient may qualify for, such as home health to assist the patient with personal care, or resources for transportation to and from appointments. It also can consist of patient teaching to enable them to promote their own health for the future. What to eat and not eat based on medical condition and medications given helps the patient be aware of how foods can interact with medications. Patient teaching also involves helping the patient to understand their condition and what they can do to overcome difficulty to cope with the condition as well as how to live a healthy life in spite of the condition.

This is especially true with conditions, such as diabetes or heart conditions. What a patient eats and how they exercise plays big roles in their health outcomes. Newly diagnosed patients need teaching on how the illness or disease works and taught measures they can use and adapt to in order to still live a healthy life. This is especially true with nutrition and exercise, but stresses in life can worsen conditions.

This is where the social and psychological aspects play a part. Nurses can problem solve in offering advice to patients concerning how stress effects the body and mind as well as take measures into consideration in how to deal and cope with difficult relationships and other stresses. Community resources, such as churches, clubs, and various events of entertainment can help relieve stresses the patient lives with at home. The objective is to determine the measures the meet the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the patient that will promote better future health outcomes.

Regardless of the patient's condition, nurses can alter environmental factors to enable nature to act in the healing processes of the patient. Nurses change the environment by monitoring the patient health that includes areas of cleanliness, nutrition, elimination of drainage, whether the patient is drinking enough water, ventilation of the area, and the amount of light in the area. By altering the environmental factors based on patient needs and conditions, effects of physical, social, and psychological environments are effected that creates change in conditions to better health outcomes. It teaches patients how environmental factors promote future health.


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