Nursing Professional Associations Term Paper

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Professional Nursing Associations

Nursing Professional Associations

Any discussion about professional nursing associations must maintain the understanding that there are many statewide organizations that will not be listed in the national registry but provide services and educational opportunities to those who belong to them within their home states. On a national level there are at least 61 professional nursing associations that have formed for the purpose of providing support, education and lobbying strength to those who dedicate their lives to working in the field of nursing.

The most publicly recognized professional nursing association is probably the American Nursing Association.

It is the only professional nursing association that represents every registered nurse in the country without regard to the specialty or location of the nurse (ANA's Statement of Purpose (

The association has more than 2.7 million registered members within the U.S. And more than 150,000 nurse members in territorial association branches (ANA's Statement of Purpose (

From the halls of Congress and federal agencies to the board rooms, hospitals and other health care facilities, the ANA is the strongest voice for the nursing profession. It is headquartered in Silver Spring, Maryland (ANA's Statement of Purpose ("

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The association's purpose is three fold. The first thing it does is provide educational opportunities for registered nurses to maintain their ongoing required education. Nurses must comply with a certain number of continuing education hours each year and the association provides classes and seminars that assist the members in meeting and maintaining those requirements.

The second purpose of the association is to represent the voice of the members and the field in lobbying efforts at congressional and federal levels of government.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Nursing Professional Associations Assignment

This area of expertise provided by the association helps to insure not only the highest quality of standard for the profession through legislation but also protections for nurses through the mandates and laws that are passed in that field.

Through the ANA's political and legislative program, the association has taken firm positions on a range of issues including Medicare reform, patients rights, appropriate staffing, the importance of safer needle devices, whistleblower protections for health care workers, adequate reimbursement for health care services and access to health care. The ANA and its state nurses associations' lobbying efforts are contributing to health care reform on both state and national levels (ANA's Statement of Purpose… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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