Nursing Research Implementation Need for Utilization Research Paper

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Nursing Research Implementation

Need for utilization of nursing research findings

The research awareness and the utilization of the same in the various disciplines of nursing are always seen to be poor even in the face of thorough researches and well established research findings. The resistance to the application of the research findings was particularly high among the senior nursing staff. This sets a very negative precedence and can adversely affect the meaning and significance of the researches that are done.

There is need for the nursing lecturers, researchers and the practitioners to work together in encouraging the use and utilization of nursing researches through support, role modeling, encouragement, consistency and the ultimate application of the research findings.

The researches should be utilized fully since they help in the generation of further knowledge and give the nursing profession a definite direction of the future. The researches in nursing helps the nurses to know what has been discovered and what hasn't so that the practitioners are aware of the direction the profession is taking (Current Nursing, 2011).

Being that researches are normally based on the current problems and challenges that exist in the society, the findings are therefore commensurate to the problem that is prevalent. This then makes the application of these researches pivotal in keeping in pace with the contemporary challenges in the nursing field as far as the community benefit is concerned.

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Research implementation also increases the professionalism in the nursing field as it constantly increases the knowledge that is within the nursing field and helps them to maintain the professionalism boundary. This way, there is an assurance that even though the procedures and approaches to nursing challenges may change, through the researches that are constantly conducted, the same researches will ensure that they are thoroughly done and are within the research boundaries.

Barriers to nursing research utilization

TOPIC: Research Paper on Nursing Research Implementation Need for Utilization of Assignment

There have been several barriers to the execution and full implementation of researches that have been conducted, even those that are seen to be very vital and instrumental in the nursing profession. This is realized in the lack of modification of behavior and work execution in line with the research findings and recommendations even by some of the highest and most qualified nurses.

One of the barriers that exist to the proper implementation of the research reports is the issue of lack of information or the information gap. It has been noted that most nurses do not read hence are not at par with the latest researches that have been successfully concluded and passed. The worrying thing in this aspect of reluctance to read is the fact that it has been found that most of the things that the nurses do have very little documented support (Macguire J.M., 2006).

The other barrier that exists between the researches and their implementation is the time gap that exists between the research completion and the implementation time. There are three different time gaps that can act as a barrier to the research implementation. The first is due to the theoretical underpinning that is needed for the implementation of the research, the other is the research taking too long till the findings are passed by the nursing trends and tie, then the last is whereby the theories and the research recommendations exist but have not been incorporated into the nursing practice. All these act to curtail the implementation process of very viable researches.

The characteristics of the individual nurses or nurses in a given area can also be a hindrance to the implementation of the researches. The nurses at times lack the skills and the knowledge to implement contemporary research findings since their training happened many years before the research. This may be accompanied by being impervious to change and lack of willingness to try new ways and things even if they have been proven through research.

The bureaucracies and the general characteristics of the organization or the nursing councils or hospitals can also act as a barrier to the implementation of the new researches.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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