Nursing Roles Term Paper

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Nursing Roles

Wherever you find a Registered Nurse, you encounter a person that plays a significant role in helping Doctors care for patients. After World War I, modern nursing began with Nightingale training schools. After both World War I and World War II, there was a greater need for both military and civilian nurses. Established in 1943, The Nurse Cadet Corps subsidized educating young nurses by the thousands for people who agreed to fulfill their completed education, nursing for the remainder of the war. Currently there are around 11,000 nurses in military services. Since this field is so demanding and it is common for personnel to change from place to place and position to position, there are many opportunities to make a successful career in military nursing. See the chart below detailing salary ranges from various states.

Median Salary By State

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Texas (79)

California (65)

Florida (56)

Pennsylvania (56)

New York (55)

Ohio (47)

Georgia (46)

Illinois (41)

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Comparing the above statistics nationally, the average salary range is around $40,000.

Term Paper on Nursing Roles Assignment

A typical development for a new military nurse begins under close supervision, but once the nurse has experience he or she can expect to climb the corporate ladder to becoming a nurse supervisor, specialize as a Patient Care Coordinator, a Charge Nurse, or a Staff Nurse. Other avenues of career development that can open up for a military nurse may be a choice to be a director of nurses within a hospital (a Director of Nurses manages all nursing services; they advise hospital staff and administration on nursing services. Part of their directorship includes nursing orientation and training programs) or even advance to senior health service management positions.

Part of a nurse's role is to be great care coordinators -- he or she directs, administers, and cares for their patients. This position is also a teaching position since a Registered Nurse is also expected to teach a patient how to care for themselves during and after their visit. A registered nurse's information comes directly from a doctor and/or other health care providers, and the complex set of instructions is handed down for the patient's care. A nurse is placed where he or she is able to keep close supervision on a patient -- in order to follow-up on their care to ensure their speedy recovery.

Nursing roles whether in the military or in civilian life are quite similar, some of the major differences would be, in the military, the ability to receive financial assistance while training and then choosing specific job placements after successful completion of the course. A BSN nursing degree can take from two to four years to complete. Another difference is that to join the military you are often required to pass a series of physical health requirements, a minimum… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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