Nursing Study. Ozkan and Gokdogan ) Examined Term Paper

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¶ … nursing study. Ozkan and Gokdogan (2003) examined the prevalence of latex allergy among healthcare workers in Turkey. Given that latex is widely used in the medical profession, understanding the prevalence of latex allergies is an issue of critical concern for healthcare officials.

Title/Abstract/Confidence in the Report

Initial analysis of the article requires some assessment of the title, abstract and overall confidence in the report. The title is clearly and concisely articulated and reflects the central focus of the investigation. Variables under investigation as well as the population sample studied -- healthcare workers in Turkey -- are included in the title. Additionally, the title appears to be of an appropriate length.

With respect to the abstract, it is included with the article; however it is not labeled as such. Rather it appears on the left-hand side of the first page in blue text. The abstract is also succinct, providing a clear review of the problem statement, design and results. The specific methodology used was not included in the abstract. The abstract appears to be adequate as it provides enough information about the study to warrant a closer investigation of the research methods and results.

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The authors of the article are integrally involved in the healthcare field. Ozkan is a public health nurse and Gokdogan is a professor of nursing. In addition to their academic qualifications, a cursory review of the nursing literature reveals that both authors have published other quantitative studies, although not in this specific vein of inquiry. The article is not published in a peer reviewed publication; rather it is published in a scholarly journal for nursing professionals. The date of submission for the article is not provided. Publication of the article occurred in December of 2003.

Term Paper on Nursing Study. Ozkan and Gokdogan (2003) Examined Assignment

Theoretical and Conceptual Framework for the study is provided which effectively describes the issue and the importance of it to nursing practice. Here again, the data provided is succinct and adequate, enabling the reader to easily identify the concepts and variables under investigation in the present study. The measures for each of the concepts are not provided in the introductory material. Rather, they are fully explicated in the methodology section. The research problem flows naturally from the data provided; the authors are able to substantiate a clear need for research in this area.

Protection of Human Rights

Critically reviewing the issue of protection of human rights, the authors do not indicate they utilized the services of an independent ethics agency or board. However, the overall research design does not appear to warrant this type of action. Specifically, the design was a survey of health care workers, asking them to report past instances of allergic reaction to latex. As such, participants were not placed in harm's way as a result of the investigation. Further, the researchers utilized well established survey instruments for data collection. The study was voluntary, indicating participants had informed choice. Confidentiality was maintained by eliminating personal information and data aggregation.

The Problem

The problem under investigation was properly introduced in the introduction of the article. The significance of the problem and its impact on nursing are clearly described and the central purpose for conducting the research is explicated. The research variables include latex allergy, position in the organization, comorbid allergies and specific factors that may contribute to the development of a latex allergy. The variables were operationalized through a survey distributed to healthcare workers. The authors hope that an answer to the question will provide insight into policy directions for latex use in healthcare organizations.

Research Questions and Hypotheses

The research questions used in this investigation are not formally stated; however, the succinct review of the problem provides a clear indication of the intent and focus of the research. Thus, the research questions naturally flow from the data provided. The research questions, though implicitly… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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