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[. . .] Orem's theory of 'Self-Care Deficit' specifies when intervention from nursing is a requirement due to the limitations of the patient to participate in self-care that is effective in nature. The priorities in this case study are those of: (1) pain reduction; (2) developmental self-requisites; and (3) universal self-requisites. This case involves the investigation of functional patterns including: (1) activities and exercise (not being met as the patient is bedridden and elderly); (2) nutrition and metabolism (bedridden and cannot prepare meals that are well balanced; and (3) sleep and rest (poor sleep due to ongoing pain); (4) elimination (constipation due to inactivity; and (5) coping and tolerance to stress (inability to patient to cope with their disability. (Iglesias et al.) The requiremens of the nursing professional in this scenario include: (1) self-awareness enhancement; (2) Adaption to physical disability; (3) self-care assistance IADL's; (4) Intervention to self-status; and (5) pain management/control. (Iglesias et al., nd)

Summary and Conclusion

Dorothea Orem's 'Self-Care and Self-Deficit' Theories are such that serve the nursing professional in providing the precise levels of care required in meeting the needs of patients while enabling them to provide effective self-care. The role of the nurse in view of Orem's theory is to pick up in providing care where the ability of the patient leaves off.


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