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Nursing Theories

Comparative Analysis of Nursing Theories by Ida Jean Orlando and Imogene King

The field of nursing as a practice encompasses the field of medical care, going so far to include providing health service for patients and the civil society in general. On the issue of nursing as a healthcare practice, theories abound that offer either supplementary or complementary ideas about how nursing practice should be done and ideally viewed at.

Among the contemporary theories that has been considered as relevant to the current practice of nursing are Ida Jean Orlando's theory of functional nursing, and Imogene King's goal attainment theory. These two theories were developed almost a decade apart, wherein King developed hers during the late 1940s, and Orlando's theory during the early 1950s. In the case of Orlando and King, it can be said that the theories that they proposed are supplementary to each other, which means that they have similarities in concepts and philosophy. However, there are also differences that make Orlando's and King's theories distinct from each other.

Thus, this paper provides a comparative analysis of the theories presented by the two nurses. King's goal attainment theory acts as an umbrella theory through which Orlando's theory is considered to be part of. These theories supplement each other because King provides a general look at nursing as a practice, while Orlando's theory provides a detailed overview of one aspect enumerated by King as vital in the development of the goal attainment theory.Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Term Paper on Nursing Theorists Assignment

This supplementary relationship between the two nursing theories is captured in King's theory, which posits that goal attainment in interpersonal relationships (which was the focus of her study) contains ten major concepts, which stemmed from both personal and interpersonal relationships. These concepts are enumerated as follows: human interaction, perception, communication, role, stress, time, space, growth and development, and transactions. This theory has been utilized to… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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