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¶ … nursing theory is that it allows a nurse to balance the very different components of the nursing profession. A nurse is supposed to be caring and compassionate, yet also use empirical evidence when making decisions. A nurse is supposed to be a medical practitioner, yet also take into consideration the various social forces affecting the patient's life and his or her environmental and familial context. Theories provide ways for nurses to fulfill their medical obligations and to view the patient in an objective fashion, yet still treat aspects of patient care that are unique to nursing, such as remedying self-care deficits and addressing the need for cultural sensitivity. Practice should not be subsumed to theory, but theory can be a valuable tool to guide practice. Theory enables nurses to be mindful of the holistic demands of the profession (Cody 2006).

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I have always found that using a variety of middle-range theories to be the most effective way to deal with the challenges of nursing. While broad-range theories can be interesting, middle-range theories provide a more structured approach to patient care. Middle-range theories are more often tailored to the needs of specific categories of patients, such as the elderly, young, or patients of a different culture than the practitioner who is treating them (Smith & Liehr 2004: 4). The approach to health maintenance of a nurse may be very different when responding to the needs of an overweight adolescent who has lived in the United States all of his or her life vs. someone who is middle-aged and has recently immigrated to the U.S. A DNP is uniquely positioned to make use of a variety of theories and to use the theory that suits the patient's experience best. The DNP is able to use theories in a flexible fashion, as a means of guidance rather than in a doctrinaire fashion.

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