Nursing Theory Theories Research Paper

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Thus, the Orem theory of self-care makes the nursing students to understand that a self-care is central to the nursing profession. The understanding of the concept makes the nursing educators to integrate the theoretical perspectives of self-care in the nursing teaching curriculum. Thus, the theory makes the nursing students to understand that a concept self-care is central to the nursing profession making the students to understand that man is a holistic being whose nurses should direct their self-care.

4. Conclusion

This paper discusses the importance of nursing theory for the nursing profession, and the paper identifies the Orem self-care model as an important theoretical framework for the nursing profession. I gain several important concepts from this study. First, I learn about the importance of nursing theory to the nursing profession. Similar to other nursing profession, nursing theories guides the application nursing practice reveals its relevance to the health profession. Without nursing theories that will guide the nursing professional practice, the nursing may not be accepted as profession.

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The study also makes me to understand that Orem self-care theoretical framework is one of the important theories in the nursing profession. Prior to the formulation of Orem self-care theory, many people did not consider nursing as a profession, rather, people consider nursing as a social relations between nurses and people. However, Orem self-care theory cleared this misconception and make people to understand that nursing was a profession making many nursing schools to integrate the Orem theoretical framework in the nursing curricula. Moreover, the study makes me to understand importance of self-care theory to the nursing education. Based on the identifications of several nursing schools integrating the Owen theoretical framework in their nursing curricula, I understand that the self-care theory is very important to the nursing professional practice.


TOPIC: Research Paper on Of Nursing Theory Theories Are Assignment

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