Nursing Transition Essay

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Personal Reflection on Transition to Nursing

Transition is a difficult period for amateur nursing graduates (NGs), many of whom are making their first move to qualified clinical practice within the hospital surroundings (Duchscher, 2008). In this paper I will discuss the nursing expertise that I gained in the period of my attachment / residency utilizing Driscoll's (2000) reflective model, a known structure used in reflection to show my capability to deliberate on the views received. There are 3 routines when looking back on one's practice as found by Driscoll's (2000).

These 3 routines mentioned above are: what (the occurrence), so what (how it made you feel) and finally now what (if you were in the same environment again how you could handle it in a different manner). The utilization of Driscoll's reflective model will allow me to connect theory to fieldwork.

What (the occurrence)

During my initial months in my capacity as a fully registered nurse (RN), I was not ready for the move to become a registered nurse from a graduate, even though I was not aware of it yet.Get full Download Microsoft Word File access
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Essay on Nursing Transition Assignment

My first observation of the hospital workplace was the excessive amounts of stress. Stress in itself is regarded to be a specific link between an individual and a situation that is judged by the individual as difficult or strenuous surpassing their abilities and putting their well being at risk (Lazarus & Folkman1984; as cited in Tricia et al., 2012). I was uncertain about my ability to handle my responsibilities, to manage time, and with the expertise and tasks I was required to have and execute. The views or feedback on how effective I was, I received from an experienced RN was very particular, it highlighted all the key areas, what I had done correctly, what was amiss and the reasons. The emotions I felt about the views of this senior registered nurse were in contrast to what I had been experiencing as a registered nurse. The concerns that had been pointed out by the senior RN were many but the main one was the fact that I dreaded communicating or interacting with doctors and senior staffs and thus needing help to execute particular tasks. Carefully reflecting on the views and feedback on the situation during my initial months is the main reason why I am writing this paper.

So what?

I recall thinking that perhaps I had settled on the wrong career, that perhaps I would not rise to be a capable nurse and that I wasn't going to cope in the practical medical care field. It was terrifying to go through those levels of tension and uncertainty; I was not able to get a good night's slumber and had bad dreams about work. I feared the fact that I had to go to work, because I felt unsure about my new responsibilities as a registered nurse. I was always lagging behind because I would spend extra time searching for different medicines, equipments or materials; I felt bodily and psychologically exhausted. I wasn't secure when communicating with physicians about my patients' states and their medical needs. I felt like a foreigner in the hospital and had challenges adapting to the ward routines. The hospital ward was constantly full of activity, thus I felt at fault having to frequently enquire for assistance from the others in terms of work in general or to clarify something I didn't understand.

However, the feedback I received from the experienced registered nurse made me joyful; this was due to the fact that for the first time since I started work as a registered nurse I had found someone with whom I could connect with and who could go ahead and even give me recommendations on areas that needed some polishing. The senior registered nurse gave the following assessment of my performance.

Decision making capability and safe practice

The experienced RN observed that because of the fact that I was new and inexperienced, I was going through challenges accomplishing nothing much despite being able to identify the challenges. The senior registered nurse thought that I possessed superior reasoning capabilities and could deliberate and assess situations as demanded at my skill levels. This was very motivating and changed for the better my prior perceptions that I was not going to turn into a responsible and accountable RN. This initiated a change in heart and increased my confidence making me believe that… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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