Nutrition Analysis a Food Diary Was Kept Essay

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Nutrition Analysis

A food diary was kept for a three-day period for the purpose of determining nutritional quality of the daily diet and making recommendations for improvements to support a healthy lifestyle. The subject of the nutrition analysis is a twenty-eight-year-old female in good health standing five feet one inch tall and weighing one hundred forty-five pounds. Analysis of the diet and averaged results yield the following information about food consumption:

Actual Consumption

Recommended Consumption

Total calories (Kcals)

Protein (gm)

Carbohydrates (gm)

Fiber (gm)

Total Fat (gm)

Saturated Fat (gm)



Cholesterol (mg)



Vitamin a (mcg RAE)

Vitamin C (mg)


Vitamin E (mg)



Thiamin (mg)



Calcium (mg)

Phosphorus (mg)


Magnesium (mg)

Iron (mg)



Zinc (mg)



Selenium (mcg)


Potassium (mg)

Sodium (mg)

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Essay on Nutrition Analysis a Food Diary Was Kept Assignment

The average calorie count for the three-day period was nearly double what is recommended. The subject will steadily gain weight without a reduction in calories and/or the incorporation of calorie-burning activities into the daily routine. If the subject walks for an hour a day at a moderate pace of four miles per hour, it is possible to burn 400 calories a day. Other activities could easily be incorporated into the day (e.g., taking stairs instead of an elevator, parking the car further from the destination and walking) so that the subject could reduce net calorie intake without having to make as many cutbacks on food intake. The calorie requirement for this individual is relatively low because of her height, age and gender; a daily multivitamin would also help her meet nutritional needs without upping food intake over recommended levels.

The subject consumed nearly twice the recommended amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Since both contain four calories per gram, the subject could make significant cuts in protein and carbohydrate consumption to reduce calories. She consumed, on average, fifty-five more grams of protein than needed per day; eliminating the extra protein could save 220 calories a day. Eliminating excess carbohydrates could save 512 calories. These savings would bring the average daily calories consumption down to 1,373, only 303 calories above recommended intake. Walking less than an hour would offset the difference.

The subject's intake of fiber, at an average of fourteen grams, was nearly half of what is recommended. The subject could boost fiber intake significantly by consuming certain fruits and vegetables. One avocado, for example, has 10-13 grams of fiber. They are also high in fat; the subject's fat consumption is currently within acceptable range but she is not looking to add additional calories, so avocados should be limited to once or twice a week. Other vegetables high in fiber are sweet potatoes, carrots… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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