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Food Service Management is related with the supervision of the food service department of hospitals, schools, nursing homes, etc. Their job is to plan healthy menus, purchase foods, plan and supervise food service delivery system and to train the staff. Once you know your interests, you can choose the specialization area. (About the Profession: Dietetics)

For the long-life of health of children, good nutrition and physical activity are important. Recently the Type 2 Diabetes, one of the most severe health problems of overweight and fat children has gone up. Children often go without breakfast due to busy schedules, long bus rides, and lack of resources. Schools must search for alternate breakfast services to meet the varying requirements of the student population. This can include serving breakfast in the classroom, serving breakfast after the first period or during the class changes. Children's eating habits and physical activity types have changed over the last 3 decades. High-fat foods and children's liking to these foods has contributed to increased obesity. Good nutrition is associated with willingness to learn and academic success, reduced behavioral problems, and decreased emotional problems. It also helps in scoring more marks, math and reading percentile scores, class participation and decrease in absence and lethargy. Nutrition education is an important part of most major health promotion and disease prevention programs. (Nutrition services: an essential component of comprehensive health programs)Download full Download Microsoft Word File
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Nutrition education professionals are answerable and responsible for the nutrition uprightness at schools and for executing nutrition education standards. They also offer guidance for the expansion of polices, programs, and services that incorporate nutrition services into the educational atmosphere. Dietetics professionals and nutrition education professionals have the education and knowledge to guide us to a call to action toward the growth of the school as a community center in giving valuable nutrition services to enhance the health and welfare of our country's children. A career in nutrition offers a person huge scope for professional development, complete satisfaction of serving humanity as how to lead a healthy life and will remain to be a long-time career as nutrition is a part of human being. A healthy human body free from diseases need not be a gift for few as nutrition professionals ensure that it is possible for every one to have a healthy body. Hence, nutrition will continue to be a most sought after profession for mankind. (Nutrition services: an essential component of comprehensive health programs)


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