Nutrition Intake Daily Recommended Servings Term Paper

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3mg to 2mg. On day one, I consumed 2.496mg of vitamin B6. (banana 0.7 mg + turkey 0.644 mg + salmon 1.152mg = 2.946mg) On day two, I consumed 1.652mg of vitamin B6. (salmon 1.152mg + mahi 0.5mg = 1.652mg) I consumed adequate amounts of this B. vitamin.


Folate (a form of vitamin B9) is important in the production of red blood cells and a healthy nervous system. It is also essential in the production of DNA and brain functioning. It is especially important for women who are going to be having children. The recommended daily intake of folate is at least 400 mcgs to 600 mcgs. On day one, I consumed 186.3mcgs of folate (banana 22.5mcg + turkey 9.8 mcg + salmon 60mg + pasta 94 mcg = 186.3mcgs) On day two, I consumed 153.7 mcgs of folate. (salmon 60 mcg + Rice 92 mcg + salmon 1.7 mcg = 153.7 mcgs) I am not consuming enough folate and should increase my intake of folate-rich foods.


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Calcium is needed for proper muscle contraction, blood clotting, nerve functioning, and bone health. If your body does not have enough calcium, it will take calcium from bones, which will make them break easily. Not having enough calcium also leads to sleeping problems. The daily recommended intake of calcium is 1000mg. On day one I consumed 34.5 mg of calcium (banana 7mg + Turkey 1.5mg + Salmon 26mg = 34.5mg) On day two, I consumed 434.5mg of calcium. (Salmon 26mg + yogurt 400 mg + Mahi 8.5 mg = 434.5mg) I am consuming far too little calcium, and should probably switch to a more calcium-enriched soy milk, as well as increasing all foods with calcium. I am at a high risk of developing bone density problems if I do not increase my calcium.


Term Paper on Nutrition Intake Daily Recommended Servings Assignment

Magnesium is needed for healthy bones, cell production, nerves and muscles, and energy production. It is also important for insulin and the absorption of different vitamins. Not enough magnesium can lead to fatigue, nervousness, insomnia, heart problems, and other health problems. The daily recommended intake of magnesium is 310 to 420mg. On day one, I consumed 113mg (banana 43mg + Turkey 17mg + Salmon 53 mg = 113mg). On day two, I consumed 188mg (Bread 80 mg + Salmon 53 mg + Mahi 55mg = 188mg). I am not consuming enough magnesium, and combined with the low levels of calcium intake, I am at an increased risk of developing osteoporosis.


Iron deficiency has been linked to problems ranging from behavioral problems to immune system weakness. The daily recommended intake of iron is between 10mg to 15mg. On day one, I consumed 3.505mg of iron (banana 0.4 mg + Turkey 2.5 mg +Salmon 0.605 mg = 3.505mg). On day two, I consumed 1.755mg (Salmon 0.605 mg + mahi 1.15mg = 1.755mg). I am not consuming enough iron and should increase my consumption of iron-rich foods such as dark… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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