Nutrition in Preventive Medicine Term Paper

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¶ … nutritional site that is designed to advise readers about the importance of eating healthy foods. The writer explores the website and provides feedback as to its reliability. There was one source used to complete this paper.

This website offers a wide range of advice with regards to eating nutritionally balanced meals. It is does little to explain the scientific elements of why a person should eat well, but does allude to the idea that if one eats well one will be healthier and live a longer life.

This article and research conclusion was originally published by the New York Department of Aging and focuses primarily on the topic of nutrition for those who are aging. While everybody ages when people begin to enter their senior years their health often becomes more fragile than it had been in the past and at the same time their appetite begins to decrease (Nutrition and Aging Well (

This creates a possible climate for deteriorating health that can be exacerbated by not eating properly.

One of the things this site offers is an area for eating tips. Within this area the site provides helpful hints and guidance about how the person can make healthy choices in his or her everyday eating habits (Nutrition and Aging Well (

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Here are some tips for healthy eating at home, work and elsewhere. To help you get started, try some of these ideas (Nutrition and Aging Well ("

Some of the hints include adding bananas or berries to breakfast food. This is a good tip for the elderly because it is not unusual for people in this age bracket to become malnutrition and this tip will help them to remember to put some fiber and fruit in their diet each day (Nutrition and Aging Well (

Term Paper on Nutrition in Preventive Medicine Assignment

Wouldn't it be easier to eat something if it was right in front of you? An easy way to make fruits and vegetables more accessible to you is to make sure you buy them. Make sense, right? So when you go grocery shopping, hit the produce section first. Then keep bowls of fruit on the kitchen table and counter. Now that you've bought them, eat them (Nutrition and Aging Well ("

The above passage is not a very helpful passage as in today's America most people are already aware of the need for fruits, grains and other natural foods without being reminded of the need. In addition the passage does not advise the reader about which fruits and vegetables might be the best choice to purchase at the store.

The site is somewhat condescending in its communication style until one gets into some of the links provided and then sees the more detailed and higher level information that is provided to them.

This site has several strengths and weaknesses. One of the most important strengths that it has is its reader friendliness. The site is easy to maneuver around and the text is written in easy to understand relatively simple terms so that those who want to gain the information will not have a hard time doing so. Another strength of this site is the fact that it provides recipes… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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