Nutrition Tropical Creme Desert Bars Great Taste Essay

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Great taste, lactose free, no sugar added

Market Share - Ice cream is a $60 billion dollar industry dominated by 2 global giants, Nestle with about 18% market share, and Unilever with about 15%. Research shows that ice cream sales are rising about 3% worldwide, and in Europe, the world's largest market, over $22 billion in frozen desserts were sold (Scott and Flanagn, 2007). In the United States, the frozen desert industry boasts about $20 in annual sales. The industry is dynamic, yet a larger number of smaller "mom-and-pop" producers are finding superb niche in the market. Even a slight market share stands to make millions, and often unique packaging and formulas offer regional providers more flexibility than the national or global organizations ("U.S. Market for Ice Creme," 2002). Add to this the wave of health-food, low sugar, low fat, product extensions and one will see it is quite possible to profitably introduce a new frozen desert into the market.

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Target Group- Lactose intolerant individuals who might also be concerned with sugars in their diet; diabetic and heart conscious individuals -- but caloric count is a tad high. Likely target women 34-55 or retired women; might be marketed with coconut shell (see above) to increase novelty and market share. Target group would appreciate the novelty, and be willing to pay more to have lactose free desert option. Estimates range that as humans age, their lactose intolerance increases (witness products such as Lactaid). By the targeted age group, at least 47% of the population is expressing some lactose intolerance, and by age 70 almost 90% (National Institute of Health, 2010). Thus, marketed properly, the market share actually grows up per year since more people are growing older, but older folk are living longer.

Essay on Nutrition Tropical Creme Desert Bars Great Taste, Assignment

Product/Packaging Nutrition Claims- the formula for the new desert would consist of 2 parts coconut milk, 1 part almond… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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