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To broaden potential customer base and earn money from their sites (NMI, 2010).

Banners, tastefully designed and placed on relevant, high-traffic sites and venues, such as environmental and organic/natural product forums and newsgroups (Demers, 2010).


Television/YouTube. Although television advertisements can be costly, those on local television are relatively cost-effective. Also, usage of streaming media sites such as YouTube can cause a product or person to "go viral" in hours, expanding visibility exponentially.

Choose airtime on TV carefully, to maximize return. Showings of nature programs, local business programs, and documentaries would likely be good time slots to schedule advertisements.

Create a series of short videos to release on YouTube and social networks. One featuring the company vision and mission, one detailing manufacturing techniques and ingredients, and one or more for each branch of the product line would allow bite-sized chunks of information for the viewer (NMI, 2010).

Create a natural products channel, and invite other merchants in similar product and service lines to participate by adding their own videos -- and followers -- to the channel. Add popular videos periodically to drive up visitor rates, but do not choose anything out of line with the company philosophy or which could diminish their credibility (NMI, 2010).


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Print Advertising. This should be utilized judiciously, in keeping with the company's environmental impact focus. All advertisement should be printed on recycled paper and not mass-produced; emphasis should be on quality (Demers, 2010).

Brochures/pamphlets in natural food/health stores; in naturopathic/complementary health medical offices, such as chiropractors, acupuncturists, and dermatologists

Ads in local magazines, trade papers, and newspapers. Solicit a feature from the lifestyle or local economy section, to profile the company more publicly.

TOPIC: Term Paper on Nwp Marketing Natural Way Products: Assignment

Contact print and online magazines and publications which are relevant to the product field and place ads and/or stories.


Report Conclusions

Natural Way Products is a company with a unique and special product which can be attractive to a diverse group of demographics. Through sensitive and detailed usage of alternative marketing strategies they can increase their market share and expand to new markets, capitalizing on their strengths.


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