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There are a number of pros and cons to the Affordable Care Act, and whether a factor is a pro-or a con will also depend on your role in health care, your socioeconomic status, your role in society (employer, health care provider, government official, etc.), your health status, and of course your political views.



Increased access to health insurance for millions launch was a debacle

Coverage for children is expanded

New plans have more bells and whistles, so cost more for many people

Medicaid is expanded up to 15.9 million people below poverty level

Young people who do not normally buy insurance must now buy insurance -- Insurance companies win, customers maybe not as much

System of tax credits to help defray costs

Subsidies are complex and there is a lack of information about them

Insurance exchanges improve buyer knowledge, improving competition

Health care orgs are worried about potential negative impacts

Young adults can stay on their parents' plans until age 26

Increased costs for younger consumers

Curbs growth in health care spending

Payouts to many health care providers, pharma companies might be lower

You cannot be dropped from your coverage based on minor technicalities

Lower profits leads to lower innovation and investment in the health care industry

You cannot be denied coverage for a pre-existing condition

Steep learning curve about the law will lead to problems for several years

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The effect of the ACA on nursing remains yet to be seen. The patient is the focus of the act, and payment is a key element of the act. However, the act also seeks to reduce payouts to health care providers, and this is where the ACA could affect nursing. Reduced payouts mean reduced profits, and that can hurt nursing wages, and the quality of the equipment with which nurses must work. Nurses may also see reduced staffing levels as health care providers try to maintain… [END OF PREVIEW]

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