Obesity in America: The Prevalence Essay

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The analysis included the evaluation of social norms about body weight across various racial or ethnic groups.

The epidemiologic surveillance systems used to monitor the problem of obesity among Hispanic-Americans are active surveillance and sentinel surveillance. While it was not the main surveillance system to determine the issue, active surveillance basically involved the identification of cases of obesity through door to door surveys. This process also involved the collection of information from health care providers and facilities regarding the prevalence of obesity among the population.

The most common method used for monitoring the issue was sentinel surveillance in which regular reports regarding the issue of the disease was collected from the various agencies that provide such reports through collecting necessary information. In this case, the federal, state, and local agencies mandated with the task of addressing and managing the issue provided this information.

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Based on the epidemiology tools across the other sections of the health care system, addressing the issue of obesity, especially in Hispanic-Americans requires the creation of statewide networks and public-private partnerships and coordinating funds. These efforts should be geared towards promoting healthy lifestyles, access to safe environments, provision of adequate amounts of healthy food, parental involvement, and nutrition and fitness education.


Obesity has become prevalent across the United States because of lack of adequate physical activity that the American environment has witnessed in the recent past. While obesity is a national health issue in the country, it's widely spread among Hispanic-Americans. In attempts to address and manage the issue, there is need to concerted efforts from all stakeholders.


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