Obesity Healthy People 2020 Essay

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According to the CDPH, the purpose of the objectives and benchmarks established in all health categories by the DHHS are intended to provide guidance and set standards for agencies at state and local public health departments.

Government Functions:

Just as it is the function of the federal government to provide the annual framework for creating public health priorities and standards annually through its Public Health Advisory Committee, the California site indicates that the function of its state and local agencies is to provide its share of counsel on the subject. According to its website, "on the national level, CDPH is participating in the feedback process towards the development of HP2020 through various means, including attendance at national Healthy People meetings and providing comments on the proposed HP2020 objectives." (CDPH, p. 1)

Additionally the website invites members of the public to contribute their support to the process by joining the Healthy People Consortium.

Government Collaboration:

Collaboration is a key feature of the initiative and is exemplified by the cross-linking between both websites and both the host of common informational resources to which both link. This is demonstrative of the collaboration which is at the philosophical root of the Health People 2020 initiative.

Public and Community Health:

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Public and community health concern the broad patterns of health beliefs, behaviors and outcomes in local communities as well in state and federal populations. Patterns in public and community health tend to relate to other sociological features such as income or geographical location and may implicate opportunities for target improvement.


Essay on Obesity Healthy People 2020 and Assignment

Indeed, this targeted improvement is the aim of the websites reviewed here and, furthermore, is reflected in the positive outcomes experienced by the Healthy People initiative in categories such as obesity. According to the DHHS, "in 2010, the rate of meeting the physical activity guidelines for aerobic physical activity and muscle-strengthening activity among adults age 18 and older increased by 13% from 18.2% (age adjusted) in 2008 to 20.6% in 2010, exceeding the Healthy People 2020 target."

Such outcomes are indicative both of the initiative's early success and of its success in communicating its message via such state and federal online resources.

Works Cited:

California Department of Public Health (CDPH). (2012). Healthy… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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