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Programs that address the obesity issue abound throughout the country. One recent report detailed that progress made by a program in central California. The program sought to provide safe places for physical activities, increased access to fresh fruits and vegetables and community support for youth engagement in local and regional efforts to change nutrition and physical activity environments for obesity prevention (Schwartz, Samuels, Capitman, Ruwe, Boyle, Flores, 2010, p. 2124). The study determined that it is possible to change nutrition and physical activity environments in historically disadvantaged and under-resourced communities.

Another study showed that changes could be made at the school level but that such changes are no easy matter. The study states that "taking on the National School Lunch Program is no small task" (Cooper, 2011, p. 75) and that it is extremely difficult to shift from processed to locally grown food, especially due to restrictive or inadequate funding.

That does not mean that programs cannot help in addressing the obesity issue, it only means that it takes a determined effort to do so. Considering the long-range benefits to society overall, and the short-range individual benefits, it would likely behoove all of society to see past the girth of the obese and address the underlying issue for such a problem to begin with.


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TOPIC: Term Paper on Obesity the Significance of Obesity Assignment

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Central California Regional Obesity Prevention Program: Changing nutrition… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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