Object Exploration: Gopro Research Paper

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In part, this is because of the high quality content. Videos created by these cameras create a level of content which is inherently high quality, even rivaling that of professional content (Foster, 2011). This means that what's even more pivotal is: "the viral possibilities that kind of content unleashes. The more authentic and immersive the video, the more viewers get sucked in and feel as if they're experiencing the moment themselves. 'It's like a teleportation device,' Woodman likes to say. GoPro thinks not just about its customers, in other words, but also about its audience" (Foster, 2011).

In part, this high quality content creates a situation where the fans want to engage -- and thus promote the brand even more. This fosters a scenario which can't help but result from the original form and function of the item. This is a form of innovation within the both the brand, form and function of the object (Bucolo, 2011).Buy full Download Microsoft Word File paper
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Research Paper on Object Exploration: Gopro Assignment

If one examines the BARE ratings of GoPro, it becomes apparent how the form and function of the item have fostered a more intensive sense of usership, and how that usership has helped to create a greater level of inspiration through user engagement and a strong sense of community. The creator of the company believes that the audience of GoPro users is more socially engaged than any other consumers for any other brand in the world. "The company uses a metric it refers to as a BARE (for brand audience rate of engagement) score to track the activity of its Facebook audience. The score is simply the number of fans Liking, Posting, Commenting, or otherwise interacting on the GoPro Facebook Wall divided by the total number of fans" (Foster, 2011). The BARE rating for this company is 5%; the BARE rating for Lady Gaga was 0.9% and for Fox News was 1.9%. This demonstrates how the viral videos that have been created by the users of the product are in a sense part of the mystique and success of the product. The content created by the product are an extension of the function and form of the product. Thus, the image of someone white-river-rafting down a river in the Amazon which is created from a GoPro camera strapped to his helmet means that this imagery is now an extension of the form of the camera. Thus, all this death-defying footage becomes connected to the original product: the edges of cliffs, the clouds in the blue sky, the ocean waves -- all of these things become extensions of the original camera and the form and function which had stemmed from it.

In a sense, this success orbits around the fact that visual design is an inherent part of brand management (Creusen, 2011). GoPro has been so successful because the brand has been managed in part by the users: and the visual design success has been in part connected to the consistent sharing of user videos. The brand is more than just the cameras and the accessories: the brand is the viral content that becomes possible to make once one has communed with the cameras and the community. This has equaled to a form of self-sustaining design strategy that allows the brand to become stronger through its devoted class of followers and users (Battistella, 2012).

In conclusion, GoPro is an object whose form and function has been able to meet the needs of a very specific section of the market of amateur and professional photographers. In meeting those needs, they have created a fanbase and audience of users who have helped to both promote the actual product, and create viral content which has thus become an extension of the product. The form and function of the GoPro camera is so perfect for the needs of its market that it has allowed both content to be created, and a community to be created that is an extension of the prodcut itself.


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