Object Rejection Essay

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Essay on Object Rejection Assignment

According to Robinson-Riegler and Robinson-Riegler (2008), object recognition is defined as "the process whereby we match an incoming stimulus with stored representations for the purpose of identification" (pg. 161). Thus, object recognition is really composed of two steps -- identifying and classifying. Because of this, context is of the utmost importance. Robinson-Reigler and Robinson-Riegler (2008) note that we rarely ever see things the same way. Although we may be able to recognize that a chair is a chair whether it is a throne in a royal palace or an electric chair on death row, the context certainly affects the way a person categorizes and labels the objects he or she sees. For instance, an electric chair may fit into the category with other weapons or methods of execution, while a thrown could quite easily be placed in a category with more positive connotations. Simply stating that a throne and an electric chair are chairs would be too broad and would… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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