Objective Map Essay

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Grade 9

H.S School Curriculum

Lynchburg, VA

Spiritual Principle

To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven (KJV Ecclesiastics 3:1-8)

Standard 1: Students will be able to explain the principles of, graph, and solve step and piecewise functions.

They will be able to convert absolute into piecewise functions.

Standard 2: Students will be able to graph and solve exponential functions and use them to model and predict real life scenarios.

Standard 3: Students will be able to solve quadratic equations and inequalities in one variable. Students will be able to determine and graph the inverses of linear, quadratic and power functions, including restricted domains

Suggested Activities and Experiences


Students will list the types of real world experiences that must be measured in terms of functions or rates of change over time, like changes in distance, temperature, and amounts of interest.

Students will find real world examples of piecewise functions in the newspaper and online, such as the rates of change of distance and speed, cell phone plans, and the value of buying in bulk and then graph these scenarios while in class (McClain & Rieves 2010, p.12).

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3. The class will be divided into two halves and given transparencies and markers: one half will graph a linear function, the other half a quadratic function. After graphing both on transparences, students will lay the graphs together and see if the final, combined graph demonstrates or is a new type of function (McClain & Rieves 2010, p.11).

Standard 2:

Essay on Objective Map Assignment

1. Students will use the principles of compound interest to solve real-world investment goals. For example, a student might ask how he or she can save a specific amount of money within a defined time period to meet a life goal. If he or she has the opportunity to invest in a financial instrument yielding a particular amount of… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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