Obstacles to Becoming a Successful Research Paper

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I was also fortunate to find mentors throughout my life, in both educational and professional contexts, who encouraged my ability to search for innovative and creative solutions. They reinforced what I was taught in my home.

I believe that my achievement orientation is largely attributable to my cultural background. My cultural background places a significant focus on individual achievement and how those individual achievements contribute to community well-being. Furthermore, because this orientation impacts how I interact with others, I believe that the cultural influence is particularly important in the context of me as a leader.

Ironically, I feel as if I developed my oppositional style in schools. In many ways, the modern educational system puts children in a competitive role with one another. Moreover, the narrow approach to teaching styles means that children who learn differently and think in a creative and imaginative context are oftentimes punished for doing so. I believe that my family emphasis on individuality conflicted with the school-based desire for uniformity and helped bring out some of my more negative character attributes and make me more oppositional.

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Research Paper on Obstacles to Becoming a Successful Assignment

Generally, I was not surprised to find that I highly identified with positive attributes like self-actualization and achievement. I have always been a very goal-oriented person and I have accomplished most of my goals. Furthermore, I have been successful in leadership and management positions, even when I have moved into high-risk scenarios in those positions. However, I do wonder whether I had bias in answering my results, because I am aware of the traits that are considered positive and negative, which may have led me to minimize the impact of my own negative behaviors on my leadership style. As a result, the question I am left wondering is: do my results accurately reflect my abilities as a leader? What I would like to do is to ask one of my mentors or a supervisor to complete the inventory as if they were me and answering honestly. I believe that those results would help me evaluate whether my perceptions of my behavior are accurate.


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