Obtaining Evidence of Understanding Far Thesis

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Obtaining Evidence of Understanding

Far too often, Internet sites dedicated to teaching children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) fail to include specific guidelines related to knowing when a student with ADHD fully understands what is being taught by the instructor/teacher. As Grant P. Wiggins points out, "open-ended clinical interviews or careful observations provide the best way of establishing the degree of understanding attained" by students with ADHD (1998, p. 86). Thus, in order to assess these degrees of understanding, all instructors/teachers should utilize five specific elements as outlined by Wiggins which if used properly will reveal how much or how little a student with ADHD truly understands in a classroom setting.

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First of all, every student with ADHD who truly understands what is being taught will demonstrate "sophisticated explanatory and interpretive power and insight" by affixing a metaphor or an analogy to an idea or a story, by demonstrating a clear understanding of the central ideas within a given argument or through the ability to "read between the lines" and thus offer "sound arguments and evidence" to substantiate his/her views (Wiggins, 1998, p. 86-87). Second, every student will demonstrate that he/she can "apply knowledge in context" by using such knowledge "in diverse, realistic and noisy contexts" (Wiggins, 1998, pps. 87) and by applying what has been learned in innovative and imaginative ways while also being able to teach fellow students what one has learned or understands, such as relating the plot of a novel or a short story.

Thesis on Obtaining Evidence of Understanding Far Too Often, Assignment

Third, a student with ADHD who truly understands will demonstrate the ability to create personal perspectives which critique or justify a specific point-of-view or opinion and will know the assumptions on which an idea or theory" are founded. They will also be able to demonstrate "the limits… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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