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Occupy Movement is a thing that has been in the lips of the whole world over the last three months and is projected that will still be here with us for quite some time to come. Essentially, this is a movement that is characterized by international protests directed at the economic and social inequality that exists in the world (The Platypus Affiliated Society, 2011). Occupy Wall Street which was protests staged at New York City was the very first occupy movement that was given a wide coverage among all the occupy protests, this was in September 17, 2011. Barely a month after that, Occupy Movement had taken root in several other cities of the world ranging to an estimated 95 cities in 82 countries of the word.

Points in support of the movement from Below are the various reasons as to why I support the movement:

San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center, 2011)

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Of late, the movement has had a more structured list of concerns that they are advocating for and these are 1) media democratization: "that media companies be owned and managed by their staff," 2) "immediate review" of the constitutionality of the Patriot Act, 3) campaign finance reform, 4) the creation of "citizen boards" to influence corporate regulation and deter regulatory capture, 5) "employee ownership plans" be required of private corporations, 6) "expropriation of the health insurance industry," 7) "an end to imperialistic wars," 8) immediate student loan reform and "gradual implementation of a publicly funded...education system," 9) investigation of crimes of the existing financial industry and replacement of that industry by "publicly owned, worked-managed" institutions, 10) "restoration of the social safety net," and 11) a truly democratic "economy and political system that works for the 99%."

Occupy Davis (2011)

Research Paper on Occupy Movement Assignment

According to Occupy Davis (2011) the movement is not only a protest against the injustices and planetary ills but it is about the citizens taking responsibility of unveiling in public the root of the problems that are haunting the society as noted above and as well identifying what needs to be done to change such trends. The movement also helps the people learn to live the changes that they are fighting for. The occupy movement is also an opportunity to have the people who would ordinarily not have the chance to meet and talk, share meaningful conversations on the issue that affect them and the course of action that they would like to see taken. It is at these gatherings that they are able to discuss the local and the global issue that affect them in larger groups than under normal circumstances. Here the decisions are made… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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