Occupy Wall Street Movement Began Research Paper

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The living condition of the protestors notwithstanding, there is a tactic of diminishing the significance of the movement in an attempt to sweep the protests aside with no significant action taken by Congress or the President on the issue of income inequality.

Liberal Coverage

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The Liberal media has taken a much more proactive approach to the Occupy Wall Street movement. Embracing a sit back and watch approach, these media outlets provide their cameras to individual protestors to hear their complaints, and are often far more open to allowing the protestors their time to speak their mind. Liberal media has an inherent support of these sort of movement, as their main concern is with the protection of the less fortunate, which includes many whose vital life services have been cut by state and federal governments in the past few years. There is a definite trend of a stagnant middle class in America, and the liberal media wants to tie the middle class's interests to those of the Occupy Wall Street movement, in a bid to legitimize the movement to the public. This is difficult, however, as many protestors are simply too extreme to be effective symbols for mainstream America. The primary activist type pulling full time activity at Occupy Wall Street is the opposite 1% than the most wealthy 1% of Americans. This subset has felt excluded from the American dream, and has a fiery opposition to the mainstream success of the well-suited bankers on Wall Street. The average American, however, values the business smarts and previous strong success of America's executives, so there is a problem in regard to the portrayal of the executive as a source of greed and evil in America's corporate environment.[footnoteRef:5] [5: Hwang, Hyunseo. (2006). Media Dissociation and Internet Use in Antiwar Participation. Mass Communication and Society. 9(4). Pp. 461-483.]


TOPIC: Research Paper on Occupy Wall Street Movement Began Assignment

The paper has analyzed how the Wall Street protests started, and how they have affected American society from a larger point-of-view, taking into account not only these protests but also studies done on the process, and protest relation to political participation and free speech. The paper has thus striven to analyze everything from definitions of political participation and protests, to media coverage and the expansion of the current example. Though the findings on this topic are ever changing, one aspect is certain: protests can have… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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