Ocean Basins Essay

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Ocean Basins

The oldest oceanic crust in the three oceanic plates -- Atlantic, Pacific and Indian -- can be approximated at 200 million years. This is rather intriguing especially in a context in which the land crust is approximated to being as old as 4 billion years (Patchett and Samson, 2003). Based on the disposition in the map, and the adherent coloring, the oldest oceanic crust seems to be belonging to the Pacific Ocean.

San Francisco, California, is located on the western part of the North American continent, bordering the Pacific Ocean along the West Coast. The age of the oceanic crust at this location is a relatively young one, and it can be estimated to be somewhere between one and 30 million years. This youth could be explained by the changes which have impacted the region throughout the recent millennia.

The Pacific Ocean lies between the American continent, on the one hand, and the Australian and Philippine plates on the other hand. The oceanic crust ages from America towards Australia, meaning otherwise that the crust is youngest near the American coastline. It grows older as the ocean spreads, to reach its highest age at its border with the Philippine plate. It can be estimated that this crust is of approximately 180 million years.

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4) as it has been previously mentioned, the Pacific oceanic crust is youngest at its border with the American continent, but also towards the south of the American continent, reaching the south of the Australian Plate. Specifically, the crust of the Pacific Ocean is youngest at its border with the Juan de Fuca Plate, and this youth spreads out along the American coastline, at the borders with the Cocos Plate, the Nazca Plate, the Antarctic Plate and ultimately, the Australian Plate.

TOPIC: Essay on Ocean Basins Assignment

5) as it was mentioned throughout the previous paragraphs, the oceanic crust of the Pacific Ocean is oldest at its border with the Philippine Plate and that with the Australian Plate. It is as such youngest at its border with the American coastline.… [END OF PREVIEW] . . . READ MORE

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