Octagon Sports Marketing Plan Research Paper

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Octagon has managed to build and maintain strong relationships with many media outlets domestically and internationally. The teams are involved in drafting and editing press releases, write company bios, update athlete and executive bios, and develop client pitches.

Olympic Action Sports

Olympic & Action Sports have been part and parcel of Octagon from the early days of representing snowboarders to the first time swimmers. Enjoying the support from the company's global resources, it always maintains a committed team of personnel who concentrate exclusively on the Olympic and Action Sports space, (Richmond, 2013). The team has been evolving continually in order to develop market strategies and platforms for its clients within the current new and rapidly-changing sports business landscape.


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Octagon Tennis has dedicated all their time to the full service representation of our clients, right from junior development and continuing through sustained and successful professional careers to a prosperous and active retirement. Moreover, we own and manage various essential WTA and ATP events. Passion of this division is channeled through the hard work and commitment of the team in assisting their clients formulate their professional aspirations, make a plan regarding their career paths and achieve their goals, (.McLean, 2013) Some of the activites of our team include: setting-up or enhance our client's digital media space, develop market strategies for our clients, conduct market research, update market material, track player results.

Performance Analysis and Implementation

Research Paper on Octagon Sports Marketing Plan Assignment

In a year Octagon activates more than 13,000 worldwide signifying more than 36 events in a day. Right from worldwide grassroots mobile marketing events such as The North Face 100 in China, to innovative experiential marketing programs such as Course of the Force and traditional sporting events such the Walmart NW Arkanas Championship presented by P&G, Octagon uses successful event management to engage fans and deliver results.

Octagon Sports have put-up expertise in athlete, entertainment, and broadcaster management. The company works with clients in every level of their careers as the company assist them negotiate contracts, build their own brand, secure market opportunities as well as support these clients to succeed in their preferred professions and within their community.

Potential Markets

Octagon Sports can assist its clients gain a presence in the market by use of electronic channels that customers as well as partners are currently using. Indeed such new marketing are presence and fresh, and Octagon is committed to use its experience to assist customers adapt their approach to their market and re-establish their operational processes in order to achieve the highest competitive position and success.

Octagon is in the process of introducing "The Passion Shift Study" which is a proprietary research designed to assist marketers reach their consumers within an increased passion-based market. This study demystifies the evolving complexity of the way fans use technology in feeding their passion for sports and provides brands with the needed information in order to reach the fans most likely to support sponsors. These new research by Octagon maps consumer behavior to give opportunity for brands to generate marketing strategies and activations that will be able to promote the fan experience and eventually assist them in becoming loved by consumers.

Some other potential market that Octagon has identified is Mixed Marital Arts; initiative for advocating women in sports, though it is a new sport in the market, there are much possibility of its becoming among the most famous women's sports in the United States. The fact that some of the popular women such as Ronda Rousey happened to emerge from this sports can make the sports to be more appealing to advertisers. Moreover, when some of the sponsors such as T-Mobile begin to take notice of the sport that can not receive sanctioned in New York, and then it implies that Mixed Marital Arts tend to be closer to main stream more than was thought by many people previously.

Octagon performance

Octagon is aware that any types of business will definitely benefits out of improved performance; however the challenge that even Octagon might be facing is to come up with the time that can be spared for use in re-evaluating the company operations and marketing and identify where to focus attention. Nevertheless, performance improvement has been approached in terms of quick assessment on the activities that usually consume the most effort and time and have been re-engineered and automated that has time and again contributed a lot in improving Octagon revenue and profit.

Octagon assist clients develop a market strategy that is able to narrow your target market that can take advantage of their clients current strengths, modify the sales and marketing to portray the client to show your products and services to be as more relevant as compared to the client's competitors., and assist the client in developing sales scripts to get the attention of the client's prospect.


Various leading stakeholders in the world of sports and entertainment continue to depend on Octagon in providing leadership in understanding passions of their fans and the way such insights may change to build a more effective, efficient, and measureable marketing programs. Therefore Octagon is efficient and reliable sport marketing which provide its clients the services and solutions.


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